Time to wake up

This is in response to the letter “Offended by education article” published in the May 2009 Cherokee Phoenix. It is with the same government that gives each member of a federally recognized tribe permission to be an “Indian” that too gives similar permissions to state recognized tribes, and this same government is the one which sent out the head counters Henry Dawes and Guion Miller and others to see where we were and determine if we were a threat or not. It is the same government that recognizes my Kuna cousins as an official tribe but not my wife’s P'urhépecha family. I should also say that it was only this century that several federally recognized tribes actually became federally recognized tribes. Some within the last 10 or 20 years. It is time to wake up and realize that we do not need to fight amongst ourselves, that it is time to make our unions stronger. It has been said that Cherokee have always been an adaptable tribe, learning new people’s ways and integrating. If there is a fault with Greg Drowning Bear making him less like the Cherokee, it is that he has tried to learn and keep hold of the original traditions and language of the Cherokee, something I would proudly do myself.

Charlie Mato-Toyela Pensacola, Fla.

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