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02/18/2016 08:15 AM
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Cherokee Nation citizen Garrett Million, second from left, enjoys a show held in September during New York University’s welcome week event in New York. COURTESY
Main Cherokee Phoenix
Cherokee Nation citizen Garrett Million poses with a cardboard cutout of Yoda during a Star Wars-themed finals midnight breakfast held in the Fall 2015 semester at New York University. COURTESY
NEW YORK – When Garrett Million left Tahlequah, Oklahoma, for New York City to attend New York University in August, he knew NYU would be challenging. Having completed a semester, Million said the university has definitely proved his expectations.

“I expected it to be challenging, yet enriching,” Million said. “It really takes a lot of determination to juggle acting studio classes, academic classes, required crew assignments for shows and still trying to maintain something that might resemble a social life.”

The Sequoyah High School graduate said almost every student feels the same challenges he does and it is an enriching part of the move he didn’t expect.

“You form this amazing community, with not only people in the same acting studio as you, but just with other people you see freaking out like you in the library during finals, as well as others enjoying the amazing parts with you,” Million said.

Million is majoring in drama, but is also looking into majoring in English with possible minors in creative writing or film. He said, so far, his classes have gone well.

“They can certainly be a challenge, but I'm still passing them and doing well,” he said. “So I’m happy with how I have been doing.”

Million said he would love to do anything involving theater even if it’s hemming costumes or working backstage.

“It also really is just how I feel on some days when I think about it,” he said. “One day I will want to do a scene where I'm a man having an intense screaming match with his spouse, but some days I really just want to play a cartoony Jewish aunt telling an amazing story about her nephew. Some days I am belting out ‘Don’t Cry for Me Argentina’ 20 times in a row. It just really depends, but I want to do it all.”

He said NYU does more than 150 productions per year through clubs and studios. However, freshmen aren’t allowed to audition because they are in the beginning stages of training. He added that he doesn’t really feel he is missing anything.

“Though I was kind of miffed when I found out they are doing ‘Hairspray’ this semester,” he said.

Million said in his time at NYU, he’s made friends in classmates and teachers.

“My best friends that I have actually have none of the same classes as I do,” he said. “I also have a speech teacher and a movement teacher that I just sort of sit and have conversations with on the subway sometimes. That’s one thing I didn’t really think would happen at NYU. The fact that I have teachers that get to know you at a 50,000-student university is astounding.”

Along with NYU friendships, Million said he still has a great support group in Oklahoma.

“I've gotten so much support from the community back in Oklahoma," he said. “It's great when I go to FaceTime my friend or a teacher and hear and see a bunch of people telling me they’re thinking of me. It really helps knowing you have a support system even from 1,400 miles away.”

After graduating from NYU, Million said he wants to attend graduate school to further his drama skills. He said he also wants to audition for roles and work professionally as an actor. Although he said he really isn’t going to limit himself to one genre.

“One weird thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of the kids want to go mainly in one direction when it comes to movies, TV or theater,” he said. “But I really don’t think that way and I would love to do any of those. Maybe all of them if I’m lucky enough, but really it is wherever the wind blows me.”
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