Cherokee Nation officials request additional financials from Hoskin campaign

05/10/2019 07:00 PM
TAHLEQUAH — The Chuck Hoskin, Jr. and Bryan Warner campaign has been asked by the attorney general and election officials for more specific financial reporting in several categories.

The request was prompted by complaints from Cherokee Nation citizens Adam Shepard and Douglas Shepard filed April 26.

“A review of the financial disclosure of your campaign lists several itemizations of ‘miscellaneous’ expenses to Cherokee Future, LLC,” Attorney General Todd Hembree wrote in a May 7 letter to the Hoskin campaign. “There are rounded figures that amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars. I am requesting that the campaign amend its financial report to state with specificity, how these funds were spent according to the following categories listed on the financial disclosure report: advertisements, printing, compensation, office expenses, travel, food and miscellaneous. Please have this amendment to the election commission within five days of this letter.”

Former CN Secretary of State Hoskin is running for principal chief in the June 1 general election. Warner, the current Dist. 6 tribal councilor, is a candidate for deputy chief.

In a statement, Hoskin’s campaign explains Cherokee Future LLC as “a not for profit business established to allow campaigns to process payments to its vendors.”

“It is completely in compliance with the law,” the statement says. “All money that has gone to Cherokee Future has been reported to the Cherokee Election Commission. Cherokee Future files reports directly to the Oklahoma Secretary of State and the IRS. Other campaigns have used and are using LLCs — including Chad Smith in his re-election campaign in 2011. We worked closely with Cherokee Election attorneys to ensure that we followed the letter of the law.”

According to Hembree, the complaints from the Shepards also expressed concern regarding the employment of Elizabeth Stroud by both the Hoskin-Warner campaign and Cherokee Future, LLC.

“Having reviewed these complaints and relevant provisions of Cherokee Nation election laws it has been determined that dual employment by Ms. Stroud in the manner described presents no violation of Cherokee law,” Hembree wrote.
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