UPDATED: Cherokee Nation election officials certify vote count

06/06/2019 08:00 PM
TAHLEQUAH – The Cherokee Nation Election Commission certified vote counts from the June 1 general election, but will not OK race outcomes until appeals and recount-request deadlines pass.

“The candidates have until Wednesday at 5 to request a recount,” EC attorney Harvey Chaffin said June 3, “and until next Monday (June 10) to appeal to the Supreme Court of any alleged irregularities or problems. That’s why you cannot certify the outcome of the election. The recount right is there, and the appeal is still available. If no one appeals, you can certify it next week.”

A total of 13,870 of the tribe’s 72,781 registered voters cast ballots for a 19.06 percent turnout, according to the EC.

CN Courthouse officials said the Supreme and District courts are open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The election report approved June 3 lists the vote counts as follows:

Principal Chief
Chuck Hoskin, Jr., 7,933 (57.51 percent)
Dick Lay, 3,856 (27.95 percent)
David Walkingstick (disqualified), 2,006 (14.54 percent)

Deputy Chief
Bryan Warner, 8,060 (58.88 percent)
Meredith Frailey, 5,630 (41.12 percent)

District 1
Rex Jordan, 672 (57.88 percent)
Ryan Sierra, 489 (42.12 percent)

District 3
Wes Nofire, 310 (29.47 percent)
Debra Proctor, 306 (29.09 percent)
Billy Flint, 124 (11.79 percent)
RJ Robbins, 113 (10.74 percent)
Jim Cosby, 103 (9.79 percent)
Larry Dean Pritchett, 79 (7.51 percent)
Brandon Girty, 17 (1.62 percent)

District 6
Daryl Legg, 794 (56.71 percent)
Gary Trad Lattimore, 466 (33.29 percent)
Ron Goff, 140 (10 percent)

District 8
Shawn Crittenden, 603 (83.4 percent)
Ralph F. Keen II, 80 (11.07 percent)
Jodie Fishinghawk (disqualified), 40 (5.53 percent)

District 12
Dora L. Smith Patzkowski, 215 (32.92 percent)
Phyllis Lay, 197 (30.17 percent)
Todd M. Branstetter, 150 (22.97 percent)
Don Scott, 91 (13.94 percent)

District 14
Keith Austin, 579 (56.82 percent)
Cara Cowan Watts, 440 (43.18 percent)

Julia Coates, 994 (44.75 percent)
Johnny Jack Kidwell, 679 (30.57 percent)
Steve Adair, 371 (16.70 percent)
Pamela Fox, 143 (6.44 percent)
Wanda Hatfield (disqualified), 34 (1.53 percent)

Races to be determined in a runoff election July 27 are Dist. 3 between Debra Proctor and Wes Nofire, Dist. 12 between Phyllis Lay and Dora L. Smith Patzkowski and At-Large between Johnny Jack Kidwell and Julia Coates.

Voters who received an absentee ballot for the general election will be sent an absentee ballot for the runoff, according to the EC. For those who did not receive an absentee ballot for the general election, the deadline to request one is June 17.

For a breakdown of voting by precincts, please Click here.
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