AISES announces Native Financial Cents program

12/29/2019 02:00 PM
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – The American Indian Science and Engineering Society has introduced its Native Financial Cents: Supporting Financial Capability for Native Americans Curriculum and Ambassador Program.

The program, based on AISES’ culturally contextualized curriculum, was created with the Wells Fargo Foundation to engage communities in supporting financial education for elementary, middle and high school students, as well as young adults.  

According to an AISES press release, learning money management skills at an early age can help youth prepare for a stable and secure financial future. AISES’ curriculum leverages content from Wells Fargo’s Hands on Banking program, which provides age appropriate financial education beginning in elementary school where students can learn about money – where it comes from, how to earn it, how to keep it safe and the difference between wants and needs.
According to the release, the middle school curriculum advances student learning to money basics, including saving and boosting their earning power. The high school and young adult curriculum help students start their financial lives smart and strong, the release states.

Lessons include school loans, saving and investing, balancing a budget, and developing strong credit, according to the release.

AISES has used Wells Fargo’s Hands on Banking curriculum and educator/instructor guides for youth as the foundation to create a culturally contextualized financial education program, the release states.

The three Instructor Guides and Supplements incorporate Native customs, traditions and culture so content and supporting activities will be more relevant and easily understood and applied by Native learners, the release states.

Train-the-Trainer workshop opportunities, using the curriculum, will be offered to certify ambassadors interested in delivering financial education to their communities and schools, according to the release.

Using the ambassador approach, financial knowledge will extend beyond personal finances to positively impact workplaces and communities, given the financial principles learned are not exclusive to individual use, ultimately having a ripple effect throughout Indian Country, the release states.  

The full curriculum for all three age ranges will be made available via AISES Resource Center at For information on the ambassador program, visit


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