Holiday quilt show sees record entries number

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09/07/2017 12:00 PM
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A woman looks at a quilt in the 65th annual Cherokee National Holiday quilt show. The show had 23 categories. Awards were given on Sept. 3 at Sequoyah High School’s old gym in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. KENLEA HENSON/CHEROKEE PHOENIX
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“Viewer’s choice” and first place in “Machine Pieced/Hand Quilted” quilt titled “Eureka” by Avis Choate, which was on display Labor Day weekend at Sequoyah High School old gym during the 65 h annual Cherokee National Holiday. COURTESY
TAHLEQUAH, Okla. – The 65th annual Cherokee National Holiday’s quilt show welcomed a record-breaking number of 126 entries into the show this Labor Day weekend at Sequoyah High School’s old gym.

“This quilt show was awesome,” Tammy Bigfeather, quilt show coordinator, said. “I believe 100 entries was the previous record, and we bypassed that with a record-breaking 126. We were panicking on Thursday at the time of check-in not knowing if we had enough quilt racks to display everything. But we had a great turn out this year.”

The quilt show consisted of 23 categories with 19 categories being voted on by viewers, which received first, second and third place ribbons. Additional categories included the Chief’s Choice, Chiefs Wife’s Choice, Deputy Chief’s Choice, Deputy Chief’s Wife’s Choice and Vintage Award, which the show’s committee voted on.

Marie Johnson, 86, won the Chief’s Choice for her quilt “Bow Ties,” as well as Deputy Chief’s Choice for one titled “Dahlia.”

“I was surprised when I found out I won with the ‘Dahlia’ because I really didn’t think it was that good. But I am really proud and honored to receive the both awards,” she said.

This year, quilt show staff wanted to add categories to allow participant more opportunities to enter their quilts. One new category offered this year was the T-shirt Quilt category.

Cherokee Nation citizen Patsy Gillaspie, won first place in the T-shirt Quilt category with a quilt she made for her husband titled “Duane’s Quilt.” Gillespie said she was “ecstatic” to learn the quilt received a blue ribbon.

“It took me three years to figure out how I should make this quilt because some of the blocks aren’t as big as others, and I had to figure of how to fill them in and what to use to fill them in,” she said. “All of the T-shirts are from California American Graffiti Car Show’s. And before I brought to the show I made the mistake of having it dry-cleaned and it took some of the color out of the T-shirts. So they’re a little dull compared to the way they used to be. But everyone apparently thought enough of it to vote for it. So I am just thrilled.”

Along with new categories, the quilt show offered quilting demonstrations from how to color on fabric to how to make T-shirt quilts, as well as how to make a bull’s-eye quilt, which showed how to use pieces of left over fabric.

“We appreciate everyone that came out to view the quilts and vote for this year’s winners. They had a very tough job trying to choose from so many beautiful entries. I can’t wait to see what next years show will bring,” Bigfeather said.

Quilt Show Winners
Series 100 – Hand Pieced/Hand Quilted
First place – Joyce Morrow, “Dogwood”
Second place – Marie Johnson, “Maple Leaves”
Third place – Mary Arteberry, “Dresden Plate”

Series 200 – Hand Pieced/Machine Quilted
First place – Cynthia Hayes, “Dresden Plate”
Second place – Carla Henson, “Grandma’s Flower Garden”
Third place – Carla Henson, “Blue Patchwork”

Series 300 – Machine Pieced/Hand Quilted
First place – Avis Choate, “Eureka”
Second place – Tammy Bigfeather, “Arrows”
Third place – Debra Harl, “Fabric Frolic”

Series 400 – Machine Pieced/Machine Quilted
First place – Cynthia Hayes, “Unity”
Second place –Melissa Eagle, “Saddle”
Third place –Pamela Cowart, “Black Diamond Stars”

Series 500 – Mixed Technique
First place – Bonnie S. Richmond, “Vintage Handkerchiefs”
Second place – Cynthia Hayes, Love
Third place – Andrea Sizemore, “Autumn Leaves”

Series 600 – Specialty Technique
First place – Sherry Wallis, “American Diversity”
Series 700 – T-Shirt Quilt
First place – Patsy Gillispie, “Duane’s Quilt”
Second place – Carla Henson, “Jeremy’s Quilt”
Third place – Pat Taylor, “Remember When”

Series 800 – Embroidered 75 Percent
First place – Leslie Aselis, “Little Red Riding Hood”
Second place – Janet Leshko, “Basket of Flowers”

Series 900 – Appliqued 75 Percent
First place – Andrea Sizemore, “Butterflies”
Second place – Andrea Sizemore, “Christmas Basket”
Third place – Carla Henson, “Dutch Girl”

Series 1100 – Baby Quilt
First place – Beth West, “Emmy’s Diamonds”
Second place – Martha Mojica, “Trip Around the World”
Third place – Brandi Brown, “I love Polka Dots”

Series 1200 – Quilts of the Past (6-19 years old)
First place – Carla Henson, “United States”
Second place – Loretta Ross, “Whispered Image”
Third place – James Percifield, “Falling Leaves”

Series 1300 – Youth Quilt (17 years and younger)
First place – Emilee Brandon, “My First Quilt”

Series 1400 – Youth Quilting Project (Under 12 years old)
First place – Brylee Rose Choate, “Rag Doll Quilt”

Series 1600 – Wall Hanging
First place – James Percifield, “Fire Phoenix”
Second place – Janet Leshko, “Tone on Tone”
Third place – Linda Wilson, “Civil War Tribute”

Series 1700 – Purse or Clothing
First place – Pamela Cowart, “Native Design Purse”
Second place – Leslie Aselis, “Bow Tuck purse”
Third place – Leslie Aselis, “OSU Purse”

Series 1800 – Miscellaneous
First place – Leslie Aselis, “Fidget Quilt”
Second place – Carla Henson, “Mom’s Yo-Yo”
Third place – James Percifield, “French Braid”

Chief’s Choice – Marie Johnson, “Bow Ties”
Chief’s Wife’s Choice – Lora Neldon, “Blue/Pink Chip Quilt”
Deputy Chief’s Choice – Marie Johnson, “Dahlia”
Viewer’s Choice – Avis Choate, “Eureka”
Vintage Award – James Percifield, “Star Burst”


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