Cherokee Phoenix Advertising

11/03/2017 04:10 PM
The Cherokee Phoenix, first published in 1828, exists to inform Cherokee citizens about the many political and cultural issues that weave the fabric of Cherokee society. We are not just a media organization, but an institution vital to the vast community that relies on us to remain a beacon of truth and information about the Cherokee people and culture.

Our readers are not a casual audience. Many, if not all, of our readers have deep personal and emotional connections to the stories portrayed on our pages. Our readers are active and invested, and they believe in our purpose and mission. As a result, our advertisers can be assured that any ad placement, whether it be in print or online, will be seen by tens of thousands of engaged readers who believe in the content of the Cherokee Phoenix.

I encourage all of our current and future advertisers to examine our newspaper and website to understand the special significance we have in the hearts and minds of our readers, and the importance their advertisement will have when they place an ad with us. We are committed to working with our advertisers to not just reach their intended audience, but to send new customers through their doors.

If you have any questions about our rates or packages, please contact our Advertising Department.

Click here to download the Cherokee Phoenix Advertising Specifications and Policies.