Foreman brings caring, children of color to forefront in book

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06/24/2020 08:30 AM
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Children’s book, “Bella, I Care,” was written by Cherokee Nation citizen Sherry Foreman, Ph.D. in psychology. The book looks at the importance of caring and highlighting children of color. COURTESY
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Sherry Foreman
VIAN – With today’s world state, highlighting stories of caring could be all it takes to brighten people’s days or help them realize they matter just as much as anyone else.

With this in mind, Cherokee Nation citizen Sherry Foreman, who has a Ph.D. in psychology, said she knew she needed to highlight children of color via a story of caring in her children’s book “Bella, I Care.”

“It is rare to read a book that is conscious of the little children of color being responsible and caring. All too often the portrayal of children of color is more of a negative connotation rather than a positive one,” she said. “So, I want to emphasize that small things do matter and show a high level of humanness.”

The book focuses on Zack Foreman, a boy given the opportunity to care for a sick calf and does so by nursing it back to health. Sherry said by helping this calf, Zack learns a lesson in responsibility and caring.

“I think the main thing is how someone cared about something that needed help,” she said. “He just knew that this calf, there was something wrong with it and he took interest in it and wanted to help it. His parents also instilled in him the basic skills in life, just to care for things.”

Sherry said she took from her genealogy research and focused her story on facts from the life of Zack Foreman, whom the main character is named after. She added that Zack, like in the book, was given a sick cow and nursed it back to health, later leading him to becoming “the largest cattle raiser in Sequoyah County.”

“An aspect of the story is how Zack Foreman, who founded Foreman, Oklahoma, built a community in Indian Territory,” she said. “Zack was a merchant and he operated a 3,000-acre farm in the town he founded in 1890. The community had a post office, school, industrial room and teacherage. The town also had a light plant and a place where agriculture was studied.”

“Bella, I Care” is Sherry’s first book and is available for purchase on Amazon. She said she plans to write a second book because “there’s more to his (Zack’s) story.”

Sherry was born, raised and lives in Vian. She specializes in educational leadership and has spent years in appointed roles in academia in the international community.

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