Rose wins New Mexico state tennis championships

10/24/2020 05:00 PM
Main Cherokee Phoenix
Cherokee Nation citizen Macy Rose – originally from Briggs, Oklahoma – recently won the Girls New Mexico State Corley Cup Championships in tennis. COURTESY
Main Cherokee Phoenix
Cherokee Nation citizen Macy Rose holds the two trophies she recently won at the Girls New Mexico State Corley Cup Championships in Albuquerque. COURTESY
ALBUQUERQUE – Macy Rose – originally from Briggs, Oklahoma – won the Girls New Mexico State Corley Cup Championships in tennis held Oct. 8-11.

COVID-19 required all of the classes to be combined into one championship, which Rose won. The Cherokee Nation citizen and her partner Ava Badger placed second in doubles. Rose won $1,000 for her singles win and $250 for her doubles win in scholarship money. 

COVID-19 brought a halt to her full-time training in Fountain Valley, California, at the Jackson Bridge Tennis Academy and took Rose home to Santa Fe to train at Shellaberger Tennis Center. Jackson Bridge required the sophomore, now junior, to train four to six hours daily, play tournaments on weekends and handle her online schooling. She said at the academy she had roommates from as far away as Brazil and Korea. She said she “loved the experience” and can’t wait to go back as soon as it is safe for her.

“The isolation has been tough for me and so many kids my age,” she said. “Tennis has been my outlet. I can be over 70 feet from my opponent and still be active and play, push myself and just enjoy being outside the house. I’m thinking of all the kids during these times and their mental and physical health. I miss my friends, but tennis has helped me so much.” 

This year’s state tennis tournament in Albuquerque was the vision of Ivana Corley, a current University of Oklahoma tennis player. Corley wanted to find a safe way to bring the New Mexico State Championships back and players into an environment with the best safe-play practices. Every class was combined during this event of singles and doubles play.

Rose said she looks up to Ivana and sister, Carmen, both top players nationally and appreciates their skills and results in tennis, but most of all their kindness.

“Every time I come off the court or if they are at a tournament, the girls are so kind and nice. I am so glad Ivana, the Corley family, all of the sponsors and volunteers worked together to give us all an experience we will never forget during this tough time. Wado to them all,” Rose said.  

Rose was inspired to play sports by her family in Briggs. She grew up knowing her grandfather, Jim Dick, had a baseball field on his land for the community to use. When it was time for Rose to choose a sport, she chose tennis after trying soccer, gymnastics and basketball. She said she enjoyed the individuality of the game. She learned the game of tennis on the Tahlequah High School tennis courts and the grass yard of her childhood home and family allotment in Briggs. 

Rose, 17, believes giving back to those who gave to her is as important as her wins. She was the tournament director of the City of Santa Fe Junior tournament in the summer to help children get back into playing tennis. In 2019 and 2020 she collected more than 1,600 pairs of shoes for “Soles4Souls” through partners and efforts in New Mexico and Oklahoma. She also volunteers her time to teach children tennis through a nonprofit.

“It’s so cute and I am so honored that these kids look up to me. I try to make every kid feel special and try to show them that tennis is an amazing sport. It can build confidence, analytical thinking skills, math and so many other traits,” she said “Personally, I learned how to believe in myself. I dealt with bullying from kids my own age and even adults. I’ve found my power through my racquet and that yellow fuzzy ball. My mother tells me, ‘Sosdi, remember you are a Cherokee woman and show them what you got. It reminds me to fight, persevere and be passionate.”

Rose is a former student of the Cherokee Immersion School. She is now a junior at Laurel Springs High School and is the daughter of Eric and Wahlesah Rose, of Santa Fe, and the great granddaughter of Ophelia Hammons, of Hulbert, and Jim and Josephine-Smith Dick, of Tahlequah.

She said she hopes to play Division 1 tennis in college, major in international business and create a company and foundation giving jobs to those in need. People can follow Rose’s adventures and achievements @tennismacy on Instagram.


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