CNB company provides safety, security services to DHA

10/09/2018 04:00 PM
TULSA – The Defense Health Agency’s Mission Assurance recently selected Cherokee Nation Security & Defense to provide safety, security and occupational health support to all DHA personnel and facilities.

CNSD, a Cherokee Nation Businesses subsidiary, is working to identify, address and minimize any risks to DHA staff or its properties, including security vulnerabilities and safety hazards.

“We are pleased to continue growing and expanding our relationship with the Department of Defense,” Steven Bilby, president of Cherokee Nation’s diversified businesses, said. “It is an honor to support the DHA in its mission of improving health care for soldiers, veterans and their families.”

The tribally owned company will inspect all DHA locations for existing or potential hazards. CNSD’s teams will develop recommended systems, procedures and organizational changes. They will also conduct operational reviews to ensure safety and security benchmarks are implemented and maintained.

“We are very proud of the work our team is doing in service of DHA and its many employees,” Brandon Hill, CNSD operations general manager, said. “We are working to ensure the staff, patients and visitors of our country’s Military Health System remain safe and secure while spending time at DHA properties.”

DHA has facilities located in Aurora, Colorado; Arlington and Falls Church, Virginia; San Diego; San Antonio; and Silver Springs, Maryland.

The DHA is a joint, integrated Combat Support Agency that enables the Army, Navy and Air Force to be medically ready in both peacetime and wartime. It provides integrated, affordable and high quality medical services to Military Health System beneficiaries and is responsible for driving the integration of health care and business processes across all branches, including care in military clinics, hospitals, medical centers, satellite locations and patient-centered medical homes.

CNSD specializes in comprehensive services that secure facility perimeters against all threats. It implements smart design, cutting-edge technology and proven mitigation strategies into command and control stations. The company provides comprehensive turnkey solutions to help maximize simplicity and security.

CNSD is headquartered in Tulsa. For more information, visit


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