Eiteljorg Museum hosting ‘A Sense of Beauty” exhibition

01/18/2019 08:45 AM
Main Cherokee Phoenix
A new Eiteljorg Museum exhibit titled “A Sense of Beauty” will include a piece of pottery made by Les Namingha (Hopi-Tewa/Zuni) The exhibit will premiere many recently acquired Native American artworks that rarely or never have been on exhibit. COURTESY
Main Cherokee Phoenix
“A Sense of Beauty,” a new Eiteljorg Museum exhibit opening on March 9 will include a silver and coral bracelet made by Navajo artist Vernon Haskie. COURTESY
Main Cherokee Phoenix
Hopi/Choctaw artist Dan Viets Lomahaftewa’s collagraph on paper titled “Spring Arrival will be on display during a new exhibition at the Eiteljorg Museum in Indianapolis opening March 9. The exhibit will premiere many recently acquired Native American artworks that rarely or never have been on exhibit. COURTESY
INDIANAPOLIS – A new exhibition at the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art kicks off a 30th anniversary year at the museum and will premiere many recently acquired Native American artworks that rarely or never have been on exhibit.

The exhibit “A Sense of Beauty” opens March 9 at the Indianapolis museum and will highlight recently acquired contemporary and customary (or “traditional”) Native artworks.

“We have opened the museum vault and brought out some stunning pieces that convey the boundless creativity and talent of Native American artists representing Indigenous cultures from across North America,” Eiteljorg President and CEO John Vanausdall said. “This thought-provoking exhibition of Native works during the museum’s 30th year will delight and inspire Eiteljorg visitors.”

Intricate weavings, ceramic art, delicate jewelry, extraordinary baskets, glass art, prints and eye-catching installations will fill the museum’s main floor special exhibition gallery. The Native art represented includes works by the Eiteljorg Contemporary Art Fellows and past award-winning pieces by Eiteljorg Indian Market and Festival artists. Other works include generous donations from collectors, artists and patrons. Reflecting many cultures, regions and artistic styles, the outstanding pieces underscore the museum’s serious commitment to collecting, and most of the works have not previously been on public view.

Museum representatives said part of the fun for Eiteljorg visitors will be the compelling ways the artworks will be presented. Instead of seeing works under glass cases, visitors will enjoy a “waterfall” of baskets suspended as they spill down a wall, a “river” of pottery meandering throughout the gallery, a “tree” of handmade jewelry and a “whirlwind” of floating, twirling woven rugs, fixed in mid-air. Kiosks with images and captions will identify the pieces and artists, while text panels will focus on the subjects of art collecting, collectors and ideas about “beauty.”

Continuing through Aug. 4, 2019, A Sense of Beauty will celebrate the tremendous versatility of Native artistic expression and the joy of collecting art.

Located on the Central Canal at 500 West Washington St., the Eiteljorg Museum was named one of the USA Today Readers’ Choice 10 Best Indiana Attractions.


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