Cherokee National Treasures board discuss art show, museum opening

04/30/2019 10:00 AM
TAHLEQUAH – In its April 18 meeting, the Cherokee National Treasures board discussed the opening of the Cherokee National History Museum and made updates to its mentorship program’s upcoming art show.

The CNT board consists of Chairwoman Betty Frogg and members Vyrl Keeter, Jane Osti, Eddie Morrison and Vivian Cottrell.

Since 2014, the Cherokee National Treasures have offered classes to people for their respective crafts at the Cherokee Arts Center. In July, Cherokee National Treasures will host their annual student art show and are planning and creating marketing materials to promote the show.

There are also plans to video the current mentorship classes to display at the art show. The art show is an exhibition of works by students who are in the mentorship program.

The Cherokee National History Museum – the former Cherokee Nation Capitol in downtown Tahlequah – is scheduled to open in June. Cherokee National Treasures are invited to set up in the museum lobby to demonstrate their arts and sell their works. Initial invitations are given to Cherokee National Treasures who have work displayed in the museum. There are plans to set up on Fridays and Saturdays with a different Cherokee National Treasure each week. Cherokee National Treasures will be paid a stipend for their time.

In other business, Cherokee National Treasures discussed information on the upcoming 21st annual American Indian Tourism Conference on September 16-19 hosted by the CN at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa and distributing information to Cherokee National Treasures who might want to attend as an exhibitor.

The next CNT board meeting is scheduled for 4:30 p.m. on May 14 at the Woodmark Conference Room at 950 Main Parkway in Tahlequah.
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