Deere runs unopposed, wins Dist. 13 council seat

06/02/2019 12:15 AM
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Joe Deere
CATOOSA – After a March 14 Supreme Court opinion affirmed the Election Commission’s decision to prevent incumbent Buel Anglen from running in the general election because of term limits, Anglen’s sole opponent, Joe Deere, knew he would be the next Dist. 13 tribal councilor.

Deere, a business owner, said he decided to run because he wanted to create more community awareness in the district. Dist. 13 covers parts of Tulsa and Rogers counties.

“I’m going to create a community where people feel more engaged in our community because there is that thing where you’re in Tulsa, and we’re not directly part of what goes on in Cherokee Nation, in the Tahlequah center, but we still are Cherokee,” Deere said.

He said he feels he can bring his business sense into his role as tribal councilor. Deere owns Joe Deere Consulting and is a CN Tribal Employments Rights Office-certified vendor.

“I do understand financial statements. I do understand leverage. I do understand the black and reds. I think I can bring more to the table when it comes to that, working with CNB, CNI and CNE. As far as the TERO vendors and supporting Cherokee Nation, growing is going to be great. Because you do have to go with the blue collar and grass roots people of the world. That’s where voters are, that’s where the work comes from. That’s where you want to engage the community because you’re going to know what the needs are.”

Deere said he was encouraged by the people in his community to run. He ran for council in 2011 for Dist. 5 but lost to Lee Keener.

He said he wants to improve and expand on what Anglen brought to the district and where the money goes. He said he wants to spread funds wider in the district rather than just certain areas. He added that he wants to build community buildings in Dist. 13 because there are currently no meeting places for CN citizens.

Deere said he also brings to the position being a community leader as a state representative for Special Olympics and as a member of the Knights of Columbus in Tulsa, a fraternal benefit society dedicated to performing charitable works.

“I am going to be the guy that works and does partnerships. And that’s the biggest thing I want to be doing is creating partnerships and moving Cherokee Nation along in the direction we’re going now. It’s grown. In the last 20 years it’s created a lot of different things,” he said.

Though Deere ran unopposed, the Election Commission has not certified his win.
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