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07/24/2019 08:00 AM
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Robert Blackstone
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The Blackstone Martial Arts logo features three letter Fs standing for foundation, framework, and faith. BMA was created by Cherokee Nation citizen Robert Blackstone to help martial arts students further their training via an online video library. COURTESY
MEMPHIS, Tenn. – With more than 40 years of experience in many martial arts forms, Cherokee Nation citizen Robert Blackstone started an online martial arts subscription service called Blackstone Martial Arts in which anyone currently training can use for additional instruction.

Blackstone began martial arts in 1978 with his father to improve his soccer game. He is now a grandmaster with a ninth-degree black belt. He used his years of training to start a business that helps others enhance their martial arts studies with an instructional and educational video library. The website was launched in 2017.

He began creating videos for those who wanted to continue training with him. And with his former students spread across the country, he decided to create videos to share with them.

From there, he made the training videos open to anyone studying martial arts or who is curious about martial arts.

“I’ve got a lot of black belts (students) across the country that have trained with me over the past 40 years, and some of them have requested to continue training with me, and the best option was to do it online. In the process of preparing something for them, we decided to go ahead and make it open to everybody. Right now, ours is established to support independent or individual martial artists,” Blackstone said.

He said the online training does not replace traditional training at schools.

“We encourage people to continue in their local schools because karate is a kinetic learning aspect. You can learn and understand the material through an online service, but martial arts is like any other kinetic thing where until you actually apply it, or work with somebody, or have a partner training, it’s really hard to get a full understanding,” Blackstone said.

He said the videos enhance students’ training and give them more material to work on and train with other students at their local school.

“The reason we started out was to support instructors, so the people who have already had a background in martial arts, this is to give them a more in-depth, broader base, broader foundation and a bigger framework,” he said.

With more than 530 videos available, Blackstone Martial Arts offers five subscription packages consisting of basic subscriptions at $19.99 and $24.99 per month as well as three premium subscriptions for $24.99 and $29.99 per month, or a single payment of $275 for one year.

A full curriculum is available for junior cadets ages 4-7 and cadets ages 8-12. Also, videos include traditional empty-handed martial arts such as forms, self-defense, combat and rolls and falls, as well as traditional weapons such as bo, sai, nunchuka, tonfa and kama.

With new content added on a regular basis, Blackstone said he anticipates having more than 1,200 videos to complete the library.

For more information, visit, blackstone_ma on Instagram, blackstone_ma on Twitter and Blackstone Martial Arts on YouTube.
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Lindsey Bark grew up and resides in the Tagg Flats community in Delaware County. She graduated magna cum laude from Northeastern State University in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in mass communication, emphasizing i ...


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