Scott resigns as executive editor of Cherokee Phoenix

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09/03/2019 04:45 PM
TAHLEQUAH – Brandon Scott, executive editor of the Cherokee Phoenix, turned in his immediate resignation on Sept. 3, resulting in the paper’s editorial board naming Cherokee Nation Public Relations Deputy Executive Director Tyler Thomas the interim executive editor.

During the Aug. 29 editorial board meeting, Scott informed board members that he expected to find new employment at a later date, but after quickly accepting another position elsewhere, he resigned just five days later.

“The past three-and-a-half years have been some of the most rewarding times in my life,” Scott said. “Like any job, it’s had its ups and its downs, but the ups outweigh the downs a thousand-fold. I have had the benefit of working with a staff that is second to none. They have all enriched my life and taught me lessons that I will carry along with me for as long as I remain. I have had the privilege to serve my tribe for the past three-plus years in a capacity that I fear I will never be able to recreate. I was honored, I am honored and I will forever be honored to have been a part of the Cherokee Phoenix.”

Prior to the confirmation of his wife Tralynna as Cherokee Nation treasurer, Scott had voiced his concern to Phoenix staff – as had some members of the Tribal Council during her confirmation – of the possible appearance of conflict of interest.

The editorial board selected Thomas to fill the role in an interim capacity after Scott announced his resignation during a phone meeting.

Thomas is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma, and joined the CN Communications staff in September 2012. He moves into his interim capacity immediately.

“I am honored and humbled to be named the interim executive editor of the Cherokee Phoenix,” Thomas said. “I thank the editorial board for the opportunity to serve in this capacity and look forward to working with the paper’s outstanding staff. The Cherokee Phoenix is the preeminent news source in Indian Country, and I hope to only grow that stature, as well as preserve the oldest and most respected free press publication in Indian Country, in my new role.”

Scott was named executive editor of the Phoenix in May 2016, following the November 2015 resignation of Bryan Pollard. Scott previously served as a multimedia production specialist for Cherokee Nation Businesses, and as a business analyst for Cherokee Nation Entertainment. He has also run his own business, Brandos Photography LLC, since 2007.
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