Cherokee Nation Security and Defense awarded Air Force $45M contract

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09/06/2019 12:00 PM
TULSA – Adding to its long list of clients and contracts, Cherokee Nation Security and Defense – part of Cherokee Nation Businesses – was recently awarded a five-year contract worth up to $45 million with the U.S. Air Force.

Under the contract, CNSD will work with the USAF to upgrade and maintain vehicle barriers. CNSD will provide inspections, preventive maintenance and minor repairs to barriers at all Air Force bases within the contiguous 48 states.

Such barrier systems often include traffic signals, pop-up devices, drop gates and software to prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering installations.

“We are excited to continue serving our client, the federal government, through this important project aimed at helping protect military bases,” said Brandon Hill, CNSD operations general manager. “It grants our experienced team the opportunity to work side by side with the physical security specialists who protect our nation’s infrastructure and allows us to continue our pursuit of improving overall physical security initiatives.”

Rachel Wyatt, CNSD Business Development manager, said CN Security and Defense will have an array of responsibilities under the new agreement.

“As part of the contract, Cherokee Nation Security and Defense will provide all personnel, labor, equipment, supplies, tools, materials, supervision, travel, periodic inspections, minor repairs and other items and services necessary to provide maintenance for Air Force vehicle barrier systems,” Wyatt said. “The barrier systems include equipment such as actuators, control systems and software, control wiring, circuitry, structural framework, lighting, spring assembly, hydraulic-related equipment, safety loops and other vehicle detection systems, switches, corresponding traffic lights, light duty drop arms, associated computerized systems and control cabinets.”

While the contract states it is worth “up to $45 million,” there are variables that will influence its ultimate value.

“This is a multiple award contract, meaning CNSD as well as three other contractors will compete on task orders to win the work,” Wyatt said. “The overall award has the potential to grow above the $45 million based on the demands of the USAF installations.”

CNSD operates in more than 500 locations for projects across the country and overseas at “mission-critical” U.S. government facilities. Other CNSD customers include the Internal Revenue Service, Department of Defense, Department of State, Transportation Security Administration, Treasury and the Defense Health Agency.

“Cherokee Nation Security and Defense was also recently awarded a five-year 8a General Services Administration Schedule 84 Multiple Award Schedule,” Wyatt said. “This award allows CNSD the opportunity to bid on thousands of task orders each year, giving the company more opportunities to support our current customers, as well as introduce CNSD’s capabilities to new clients both in the U.S. and abroad.”

Wyatt said CNSD will continue to work in the best interests of the U.S. government and the Cherokee Nation to protect lives, property and critical infrastructure.

“Cherokee Nation Security and Defense specializes in anti-terrorism and force protection, delivering comprehensive services that secure facility perimeters against all threats,” she said. “CNSD implements smart design, cutting-edge technology and proven mitigation strategies into command and control stations. The company provides comprehensive turnkey solutions to help maximize simplicity and security. As the threats of terrorism and other security problems loom, CNSD assists the government in enterprise-wide physical, logical and data security programs by identifying security policy gaps and seeking additional resources as necessary.”

Steven Bilby, president of CNB diversified businesses, said fostering economic growth for the companies translates to growth for the Nation.

“Our diversified portfolio has served more than 60 government agencies, earned nearly $4 billion in contract wins since 2012, and now represents roughly 40 percent of CNB’s overall revenue,” Bilby said. “Projects such as CNSD’s upcoming work supporting the Air Force enable us to continue bringing in revenue from around the world back to the Cherokee Nation.”
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