Kachina’s Clothing Store opens in Tahlequah

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01/06/2017 08:00 AM
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Angela Locke, a Cherokee Nation citizen, opened Kachina’s Clothing Store on Dec. 8 in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Her long-term goal includes opening nine other stores in the tribal jurisdiction for Cherokees to have a place to purchase affordable clothing through the tribe’s voucher program. JAMI MURPHY/CHEROKEE PHOENIX
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Cherokee Nation citizen Marla Stone sets up a shoe for display in Kachina’s, a new clothing store located in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. CN citizen Angela Locke owns the store. JAMI MURPHY/CHEROKEE PHOENIX
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Along with clothing and coats, Kachina’s Clothing Store, located along Mimosa Lane in Tahlequah, offers makeup, nail polish and jewelry. JAMI MURPHY/CHEROKEE PHOENIX
TAHLEQUAH, Okla. – Cherokee Nation citizen Angela Locke recently opened a clothing store named Kachina’s after her grandmother’s Kachina doll collection that was passed down to her.

Locke is from Los Angeles where she manufactured clothing for department stores.

“This was a transition. This is our first retail store…we’re able to give such great prices and good quality clothing, so we wanted to bring that to Tahlequah,” she said. “We’re hoping to get the (Clothing Assistance Program) voucher program from Cherokee Nation to afford the kids some better quality clothing at better prices. So if that happens, we’ll open another nine locations within the next year.”

Locke has been in the fashion business for about 16 years. In that time, she said she has established relationships with manufacturers that allow her to offer such great prices.

“Over the years of my experience, I have a lot of connections, and I’m able to get affordable or deals from factories and suppliers that other stores aren’t able to access,” she said. “We manufacture some of it (clothing) and some of the items come from wholesalers and overseas suppliers.

She said her store offers “a big variety” of men, women and children’s clothing including jackets, sweatshirts, shoes, socks, undergarments and T-shirts.

The store also offers accessories and jewelry as well as a plus-size clothing area for women.
Some of the prices include jackets starting at $12.99 with fleece leggings starting at $5.99 along with men and women’s T-shirts starting at $5.99.

“We have sweatshirts starting at $12.99, so we’re very affordable. There’s nothing in the store over $30,” she said.

Locke said she returned to Oklahoma because her father lives here and he became ill with cancer. After moving to Tahlequah she noticed a place in the market for a men, women and children’s clothing store to offer affordable and stylish clothing.

“So he was battling cancer, so I was taking care of him for a long time here, and I really liked the town and the people, so that’s is why I decided that I’ll do my first store here,” she said.

Kachina’s Clothing Store is Tribal Employment Rights Office-certified, 100 percent woman- and Cherokee-owned and has 100 percent Cherokee employees.

“It is important for me because women usually they don’t have as much opportunity as men. So to be 100 percent woman-owned business and a minority and then also be able to have that opportunity to be able to employ Cherokee citizens, it means a lot to me. So that is what my goal is, to put Cherokees back to work,” she said.

The store is open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. It’s located in the shopping center next door to Rib Crib off Highway 82 along Mimosa Lane.


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