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02/13/2017 08:30 AM
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Husband and wife duo Kristopher and Shelli Ketchum opened their business Fabric Notions in November in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Fabric Notions sells material as well as sewing and craft supplies. JAMI MURPHY/CHEROKEE PHOENIX
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Fabric Notions co-owner Kristopher Ketchum, right, helps Maryjane Mashunkashey seek material to use for possible gifts ideas. JAMI MURPHY/CHEROKEE PHOENIX
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Bolts of fabric line the walls of Fabric Notions, a store opened by Kristopher and Shelli Ketchum in November in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. JAMI MURPHY/CHEROKEE PHOENIX
BARTLESVILLE, Okla. – After learning how to crochet at age 7, the craft bug hit Cherokee Nation citizen Shelli Ketchum hard and has stuck with her throughout her adult life.

In 2016, she realized her dream of operating a craft-inspired business, calling it Fabric Notions, after her husband and fellow CN citizen Kristopher lost his job. He helps her operate the business.

Shelli, who learned to sew in high school, said she’s a crafter by blood and that it is in her genes. She learned crafting from her grandmother, and the idea of owning a fabric store was perfect for her interests.

“But we wanted it to be a fabric and notions store. We didn’t just wanna offer fabric,” she said. “We wanted to be able to be able to offer something for everybody – for the embroider, for the sewer, for the quilter, the hobby makers, the clothing makers – that type of thing. So we’ve tried really hard to offer a variety of products and we’re continuing to get things in every week.”

Fabric Notions offers cottons, flannels, fleece, tapestry, satins and upholstery fabric. It also offers accessories such as sewing machine thumb drives, embroidery threads and small spool cotton threads – things that can be used more by the hobbyist.

The Ketchums opened Fabric Notions, which also sells fabrics, in November at the high point of the 2016 shopping season.

“My wife, Shelli and I, we opened our store on Black Friday this last year…we figured if we could face that we could handle just about anything,” he said.

Kristopher said his wife had always wanted to have a crafting studio or shop of some kind, but always carried a full-time job. “I lost my job back in June or July and started to think, ‘well this is my way of letting her have, kind of, her dream, and it keeps me busy and she can continue her thing and just help when she can.”

Kristopher said the business started really strong then slacked off some. However it is beginning to pick up again.

“It’s quickly picking up again now that we’re into the new season,” he said. “We’re very excited about the upcoming seasons and what people are going to be making.”

Those who have visited the store include men and women, young and old, Shelli said.

Fabric Notions also hosts sewing classes in a tier format for people with little to no experience and those with years of experience.

Shelli said she thinks the sewing craft has recently gotten more recognition than in years past.

“People are looking more and more into the homestead type crafts…they wanna learn how to garden or they wanna learn how to sew. They want to learn how to do that stuff. I think sewing in itself is a basic skill everyone should know,” she said. “I do think there’s a aura around sewing that it’s hard or that it’s scary or that kind of thing…I want people to see that it’s not scary, it’s not expensive and it can be fun.”

The store is located at 2503 SE Washington Blvd Suite 2. For more information on products available or upcoming classes visit, Fabric Notions on Facebook or call 918-860-0952.


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