FTW! Game Co. finds success in Pryor

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04/07/2017 08:00 AM
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Luke Nagel, Cherokee Nation citizen and co-owner of FTW! Game Co. in Pryor, Oklahoma, said his video game, comic and novelty store has been well received by the community. JAMI MURPHY/CHEROKEE PHOENIX
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Cherokee Nation citizen Luke Nagel places inventory on shelves at his store FTW! Game Co. in Pryor, Oklahoma. JAMI MURPHY/CHEROKEE PHOENIX
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Luke Nagel, co-owner of FTW! Game Co., explains to a potential customer the rareness of this Sega CD, a CD-ROM accessory for the Sega Genesis video game console released in the 1990s. JAMI MURPHY/CHEROKEE PHOENIX
PRYOR, Okla. – For the past four months FTW! Game Co. – a video game, comic and novelty store – has operated in Pryor. And Cherokee Nation citizen Luke Nagel, who co-owns it with his wife Lori, said the business has been well received by the community and that people have expressed appreciation for the youth-oriented business.

“A lot of parents and mothers have come in and say that they’re really glad this is here because there wasn’t too many options left besides going all the way to Tulsa,” he said.

There were several locations they could have chosen, but Pryor, he said, was optimal.

“Because Hastings had just shut down and there’s only one Gamestop out here. There’s nothing really in the area besides driving to Tulsa…especially for retro games. We’re the only place in the area besides Claremore,” Luke said.

He and his family, including his mother, designed the store’s look from the ground up, including the logo. His daily activities include running the store and tracking inventory while Lori handles the marketing and finances.

“We offer everything going all the way back to Nintendo, and we do have some Atari stuff going all the way back to Xbox 1, the latest systems. Working on getting Nintendo Switch,” he said. “Also we have a lot comic books, new and old, brand new stuff out of the box dating back to the (19)60s…as well as very popular board games and card games.”

Luke said he is the only Oklahoma carrier of Biotank – a card game created in the state.

“And we carry Magic the Gathering and Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh and just about everything else involved with that. We carry dice sets for people who play D and D (Dungeons and Dragons) and we carry T-shirts. Everything from what’s popular, some indie stuff. We have some obscure movie stuff on the wall as well and posters.”

FTW also carries bracelets, necklaces, wallets and hats all themed in gaming and comic industry.

In addition to the items the store offers, the Nagels have a “game room” where customers can test as many games as they want for $5 per hour as well as rent the space for birthday parties and gatherings.

“Ten to 15 kids, $150 for two hours and we make goodie bags and we have a freezer in the back for ice cream and anything else you need to keep in there,” he said.

Luke said they are in Step 1 of his and Lori’s long-term plan. They continue to add products and only employee each other to keep down costs.

“We want to expand over time and eventually possibly open a second store, which would require us hiring a lot more people because I couldn’t run two stores at one time,” he said.

Although it was scary, he said opening the business was a great decision. In preparation for it they saved money to supplement the loans needed to start to keep overhead low.

“It’s hard not to be in debt, of course, when you start because you have to get all your inventory and product in here and invest in the spot, get any kind of licensing issues that you have to go through, finding vendors to make sure you’re getting decent prices on things…” he said. “I would say anybody that is thinking about going into doing business for yourself definitely do it. It’s scary at first. It took us 10 months to get everything we needed.”

The Nagels said they continue to have repeat business, so much so that they know many customers by name.

“Our weekends are great. Of course during the week everybody is in school, but when 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock hits we have a lot of people that come in every single day. I see the same people everyday, plus new faces. So people are telling other people…I know a lot of them by name now,” he said.

FTW! Games Co. is located at 527 S. Mill off Highway 69. It’s open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m., Saturday from 10 a.m. until 9 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. For more information, call 918-373-8177 or visit the store’s Facebook page.


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