9 councilors have at least 95 percent attendance rate

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04/07/2017 04:00 PM
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Graph showing Tribal Council attendance from August 8, 2015 to March 21, 2017
TAHLEQUAH, Okla. – According to Tribal Council records, nine of the 17 Tribal Councilors showed up for at least 95 percent of the meetings they were required to attend from Aug. 14, 2015, to March 21, 2017.

Within that timeframe, Buel Anglen led all legislators in attendance of Tribal Council and committee meetings at 99.3 percent. Anglen attended 147 of 148 meetings.

According to Tribal Council records, Tribal Council meetings consist of regular monthly meetings, which are scheduled for the first Monday after the second Saturday, and any special meetings. Committee meetings are a combination of meetings of all seven standing legislative committees: Community Service, Culture, Education, Executive & Finance, Health, Resources and Rules.

Tribal Council records also state that all legislators serve on all committee except for Bryan Warner and David Walkingstick. They are not members of the Culture Committee. Also, Frankie Hargis joined the Culture Committee during its second meeting, records state.

Joe Byrd and Keith Austin reached 98.6 percent in attendance while Jack Baker garnered 97.2 percent.

Janees Tayler attended 96.6 percent of the required time, while Warner went 96.4 percent of the time. Shawn Crittenden, Curtis Snell and Victoria Vazquez all attended 95.9 percent of their required meetings.

Rex Jordan and Dick Lay each attended 93.9 percent of the time, while Don Garvin went to 91.8 percent of his required meetings. Walkingstick rounded out the 90-percent councilors at 91.5 percent.

Harley Buzzard attended 86.4 percent of his required meetings, while Hargis went 86.3 percent of the time to hers.

Wanda Hatfield went to 80.4 percent of her required meetings, while David Thornton attended 71.6 percent of the time to his required meetings.

Those councilors not seeking re-election because of term limits are Garvin, Thornton, Snell and Baker.

Tribal Councilors are elected by popular vote to four-year terms. Fifteen legislators are elected to represent the districts within the tribe’s 14-county jurisdictional boundaries while two are elected to represent CN citizens living outside the boundaries.

The Tribal Council has the power to establish laws, which it shall deem necessary and proper for the good of the Nation. According to the CN Constitution, the legislative body shall establish its rules for credentials, decorum and procedure. However, there are no policies regarding absences.


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