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05/23/2017 08:00 AM
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Sequoyah High School holds its bi-annual “Are You Not Entertained” variety show on May 12-13 at “The Place Where They Play” gymnasium in Tahlequah, Okla. In the front row are SHS students Noah Scearce, Savannah Edgar, Mikaela Murphy, Stormie Dreadfulwater, Indy Hicks, Amanda Ray, Katelyn Morton, Kirsten Samuels and Hannah Jimenez. In the middle row are students Bretly Crawford, Liam McAlpin, Joseph Farmer, Josh Rooster and Seif Drywater. In the back row are students Jonathan Christie, Presley Hair, Elijah Bennett, Noah Bennett, Jillian Rose, Michael Lenaburg, Sinihele Rhoades, Aubrey Rose, Madalyn Arnall, Chyna Chupco and Danya Pigeon. ROGER GRAHAM/CHEROKEE PHOENIX
TAHLEQUAH, Okla. – Sequoyah High Schools drama department on May 12-13 held its bi-annual “Are You Not Entertained” variety show at the school’s “The Place Where They Play” gymnasium.

Cherokee Nation citizen and SHS drama teacher Amanda Ray said she switches from Broadway-style plays to variety shows on alternative years for several reasons.

“This year we decided to do a variety show because we have so many students at Sequoyah that come from all different walks of life when it comes to the performing arts. We have musicians. We have dancers, and we have singers. I just wanted to showcase as much talent as we had this year,” she said.

Ray said this year’s 25-act show included a lot of seniors. “I wanted to showcase their talents especially.”

CN citizen, SHS junior and veteran performer Katelyn Morton said participating in variety shows is a great change of pace.

“I’m involved in several numbers, which include singing and dancing,” she said.

Morton said it’s the exposure variety shows allow that can be most beneficial.

“It’s a great opportunity for students who have all different kinds of talent to come and showcase it in front of the whole school,” she said.

SHS student and CN citizen Nicollette Stroud Littlecook said she and her variety show partner Jada Whitecloud decided to do a cultural dance. “We wanted to show our school and the community the cultural side of Sequoyah, and we wanted to perform.”

There were 25 acts in all, including a Donald Trump impersonation with Secret Service agents named Duran Duran, musical renditions of “I Got You Babe” by Ray and fellow teacher Becca Brandt and a performance of the song “I Fall to Pieces” by Principal Jolyn Choate.
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Roger began working for the Cherokee Nation in 2005 and joined the Cherokee Phoenix staff in 2008. After 25 years in broadcast news and production, Roge ...


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