Durant provides insurance education for Native, non-Native health care

03/22/2020 10:00 AM
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James Durant
TULSA – Cherokee Nation citizen James Durant owns Archer Insurance and Financial where his main focus is to educate everyone on the types of insurance claims and policies and health care programs that might be available to them.

“We’re not like most brokerages, we’re an educational brokerage,” Durant said. “My job focus is educating people on what’s available to them because that’s what we feel that’s one of the downsides to for people today is the lack of knowledge.”

Durant said about 73% of his business is helping Native Americans find insurance claims that work for them despite whether or not they use tribal health care benefits such as Indian Health Services.

“For me, the focus on that is strictly about educating them on what kind of plans, products, benefits and services they can use also outside of Indian Health Services, because that might not always be available to them,” he said.

He said there might be certain situations, outside of the realm of IHS, when people need emergency care and Archer Insurance and Financial is able to help them find those policies they are able to use, sometimes at no cost to the client.

“We can’t always get those things treated at the benefits that we currently have,” he said. “Like through the Native American benefits policy like Blue Cross Blue Shield that we offer, tribal members can get a zero deductible, zero out of pocket costs, no cost for prescription and co-pays, same benefits at the tribal clinics. But if they want to go anywhere, they want to go on their insurance network.”

For example, he said a client did not believe that Durant could find him insurance policies that would work for him. When the client was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, the policies Durant was able to file for him cost the client nothing out of pocket.

“He was needing specialized treatment and a physician,” Durant said. “He was willing to fight this tooth and nail. He sent me an itemized bill the doctor’s sent him. It came out to $83,632.37, it showed what the insurance payment was, his cost was $0. So he was able to get his medical equipment cost and everything else taken care of for him. This is something that would have been a great deal of cost, he would have went bankrupt from this.”

Durant said he continued to monitor the client’s claims up until his death, and ensured the family was also taken care of.

He said his business also conducts monthly seminars in Tulsa to educate Native and non-Native people on benefits available to them.

“Just really all the different types of claims and programs that people can qualify for that they had no clue about or maybe just had questions about,” he said. “We tend to structure it more on the financial side. It’s like a giant umbrella essentially about all the services we can do and provide. Unless we are seeking the education or the education happens to fall upon us, that’s when we discover other things.”

He said a lot of people are satisfied with their employer coverage but those who are referred to him, he likes to educate them on all of the possibilities out there where they can be completely covered.

“If you go to through a program that’s available to you, you will qualify for $0 benefits as long as you’re within 100 percent to 300 percent poverty level, and based on your family size and location and everything else you probably won’t even pay anything monthly for the healthcare plan and you’ll have no deductibles, no out of pockets, no cost for prescriptions or no co-pays and go anywhere you want to go,” he said. “My job is to educate them. And I’m happy…as long they walk away from a conversation with me knowing more than what they walked in with. Because I’m not a sales guy, I’m an educator.”

He said the prime season for open enrollment is from November to December. “When you do decide to do business with us, we’d like to consider ourselves your broker for life.”

Archer Insurance and Financial is at 42nd St. and Mingo. For information, call 918-398-9700.
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Lindsey Bark grew up and resides in the Tagg Flats community in Delaware County. She graduated magna cum laude from Northeastern State University in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in mass communication, emphasizing ...


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