Tri-Community W.E.B. group helps via mobile food pantry

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12/22/2017 08:30 AM
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Volunteers and members of the Tri-Community W.E.B. Association box food products supplied through the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma to distribute to participants of the mobile food pantry at the W.E.B. Community Center in Briggs, Oklahoma. KENLEA HENSON/CHEROKEE PHOENIX
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The Welling, Eldon, Briggs Community Center sign stands next to the building at 17914 S. 580 Road in Briggs, Oklahoma. As a nonprofit 501(c) 3 organization, the W.E.B association gears its mission to serving the people of in the tri-community. KENLEA HENSON/CHEROKEE PHOENIX
BRIGGS, Okla. – The Tri-Community W.E.B. Association distributes food to residents of the Welling, Eldon and Briggs communities each month through its monthly mobile food pantry at the W.E.B. Community Center.

As a nonprofit 501(c) 3 organization, the association gears its mission to feeding the tri-community residents through a collaboration with the Community Food Bank of Eastern
Oklahoma. The collaboration provides 1oo families living in the area with fresh produce, bakery goods and non-perishable food items.

“It’s a great satisfaction to know that we are feeding as many people that we are feeding with this mobile food pantry,” J.R. Sellers, Tri-Community W.E.B Association president, said.

Sellers said the association and community building’s purpose is to “take care of the people,” so when he learned of the mobile food pantry idea, he jumped at it.

“A guy came by and left a note on my door, and he said he was interested in doing a mobile pantry with us. He said he tried different places in Briggs but no one wanted to do it, so I call him back and I told him we were definitely interested, we are looking for something like that,” Sellers said. “It has always been our goal to take care of the people, and with this mobile food pantry we can continue to meet that goal.”

Because of limited availability, the mobile food pantry serves 100 participants. Sellers said the association took the first 100 families that signed up. However, it has a waiting list open to individuals or families living in the tri-community area who are interested in participating.

Sellers said the mobile food pantry wouldn’t be possible without the volunteers’ hard work.

“This isn’t anything I am doing, it’s our volunteers. You know it takes a lot of good people and hard workers to make this thing possible. If it wasn’t for our volunteers we wouldn’t be able to keep this going,” Sellers said.

Along with its food pantry, the W.E.B. Association offers a public lunch program.

“We don’t have any restrictions on who we serve lunch to. We have people from Stilwell, Proctor and all around that come out here to have lunch,” Sellers said. “We have poor people. We have people that have plenty, so we really are pulling in people from everywhere, and it’s a good mixture of people.”

With the help of the Eastern Oklahoma Development District and fundraisers, the association serves more than a hundred meals a day via its lunch program.

Sellers said in fiscal year 2017 the association provided more than 11,000 meals and is predicting to provide 12,000 in FY 2018.

Lunch is $2 a plate and is from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the W.E.B Community Center, which is at 17914 S. 580 Road.

For more information, visit Tri-Community (W.E.B.) Association on Facebook or call 918-931-9371.


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