Osburn reaches for tag team wrestling pinnacle

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03/15/2018 08:30 AM
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Cherokee Nation citizen Lance Osburn, left, poses with teammate Colt Killbane as the two create the symbol for their tag team Delta Delta Theta, or DDT. BRITTNEY BENNETT/CHEROKEE PHOENIX
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Cherokee Nation citizen Lance Osburn, right, and tag team partner Colt Killbane double team an opponent. Their team is named after the wrestling move DDT in which a wrestler traps an opponent in a headlock and falls to push the opponent’s head into the mat. BRITTNEY BENNETT/CHEROKEE PHOENIX
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Cherokee Nation citizen Lance Osburn stands outside the wrestling ring after losing the Wrestling For a Cause tag team title match to BFFS on March 3 in Wagoner. Despite the loss, Osburn says DDT “will hit the gym harder” and looks forward to its next opportunity. BRITTNEY BENNETT/CHEROKEE PHOENIX
WAGONER – Each time Lance Osburn climbs into the ring as part of the wrestling tag team Delta Delta Theta it’s an opportunity for him to live his childhood dream of championship title matches and pinfalls.

“It’s crazy. It’s insane. I was a little kid just wanting to do this, so it was just fun for me,” he said. “It’s so surreal, and I’ve met some people that I never thought I would meet. It’s just one of those things you can’t really explain it.”

The Cherokee Nation citizen began wrestling three years ago after contacting friends who ran a show in Tulsa, but it wasn’t until meeting Colt Killbane that Osburn crafted a persona that connected with fans.

“My tag team partner now, Colt, he did like a high school jock-type gimmick with a letterman jacket and everything,” he said. “We were talking one day and I was like, ‘why don’t I break out my old letterman jacket and we’ll just team up and we’ll do this thing.’ So we started out, I had my blue and white, my Colcord (jacket) and we just started from there and now we got our own gear. We got matching letterman jackets.”

Delta Delta Theta, or DDT, formed in 2017, and Osburn said the name “is a play” on the DDT, a wrestling move in which a wrestler traps an opponent in a headlock and falls to push the opponent’s head into the mat. The team is known for its “Delta Driver” move, which Osburn describes as “a double-package DDT.”

They showcased their signature move while squaring off against BFFS, the Wrestling For a Cause tag team champions, during the “Fight For Luke” event on March 3. DDT didn’t win, but Osburn said he enjoys that his passion allows him to raise money for children with cancer.

“The company (Wrestling For a Cause) is nonprofit. We help raise money for kids with childhood cancer,” he said. “A lot of these families, they’re not high-income families, and so these medical bills stack up pretty heavily when it comes to their kids and the cancer they’re dealing with and everything.”

Osburn said wrestling is sometimes the perfect distraction that lets kids enjoy themselves. “It’s nice for us to be able to do this for them, help raise a little money to help the families out, and the kids just get to enjoy everything for a while. They get to enjoy the show and have a good time, have an actual life and not have to worry about chemo or whatever they’re going through.”

When not wrestling, Osburn trains to keep in shape for matches with the WFC and other organizations such as United Wrestling Entertainment. “Some companies do a lot of high-intensity cardio. Some of them, they just do a little bit of workouts like pushups, jogging, high-knees, stuff like that. Nothing intense, just mainly work you out in the ring, taking bumps, hitting the ropes, stuff like that.”

DDT is unsure of its next championship shot after the March 3 match, but Osburn said the next time opportunity comes around, the duo will be prepared. “Yeah we didn’t get it done this time, but that just means we gotta go back to the drawing board, hit the gym harder, and come out with the straps next time.”


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