UKB offers school supplies, PPE distribution program

07/27/2020 10:30 AM
TAHLEQUAH – The United Keetoowah Band will be issuing $300 checks for purchasing school clothing, school supplies and personal protective equipment for exclusive UKB children for ages 4 to 18.

Exclusive UKB means the students cannot be enrolled citizens of the UKB and another tribe at the same time.
Distribution was expected to take place from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. each day on July 31, Aug. 7, and Aug. 14 at the UKB Peace Pavilion on the UKB headquarters.

The funds will come in the form of checks and not vouchers. Parents and children will be required to sign for checks.

UKB Enrollment will serve children ages 4 to 12 who do not qualify for Child Care Development Funds assistance because they live out of the UKB services area, as well as all children 13-18 years old. To receive the $300 check, there is no application, however, parents/legal guardians must complete a form at the time of pickup. The child’s proof of tribal citizenship (enrollment card) and proof of school enrollment letter must also be presented at pickup. In addition to the $300 check from Enrollment, CCDF will provide children ages 13 to 18 with backpacks and face masks regardless of if they live in or out of the service area.

This amount and tablet (if applicable) are issued under special circumstances for this year only. UKB Education will also make some technology supplies available for students who distance learn, but plans for that are not finalized.

CCDF will serve children 4-12 years old who live in UKB service area. To receive the $300 check, parents/legal guardians must download and complete the clothing and supplies form from CCDF must also have the child’s proof of tribal citizenship (enrollment card) and proof of school enrollment letter. Children ages 4 to 12 who live outside UKB service area will get their $300 through Enrollment and the clothing and supplies form is not needed.

UKB citizens who are unsure if they are in or out of the service area should call 918-871-2797.

In addition to the $300 check, CCDF will also be providing backpacks, face masks and tablets for distance learning to UKB children ages 4 to 12. Tablets are only for children ages 4 to 12 who live in the UKB service area.

For additional questions regarding CCDF distribution, call 918-871-2799. For additional questions or if a child needs a replacement enrollment card, call 918-871-2797.


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