UPDATE: 770 candidates vying for 317 Oklahoma seats

05/09/2018 05:00 PM
Editor’s Note: Mark Vancuren’s camp has informed us that he is a Cherokee Nation citizen. He is running for the Dist. 74 House seat.

OKLAHOMA CITY – Nearly 800 candidates will vie for more than 300 government seats ranging from U.S. representatives to state legislators, judges and governor, according to Oklahoma Election Board records.

Following a period of candidacy declarations, withdrawals and contests of candidacies, 770 candidates running for 317 governmental seats will appear on ballots for Oklahoma’s June 26 primary elections. The last day to register for the primaries is June 1.

For primary races needing runoff elections, those will be held Aug. 28 with the last day to register to vote in those being Aug. 3.

If needed, primary winners will face challengers from other political parties in the Nov. 6 general election. The last day to register for the general election is Oct. 12.

Candidates in bold are Cherokee Nation citizens the Cherokee Phoenix could positively verify.

U.S Representative Dist. 1

Democrat: Tim Gilpin of Tulsa, Amanda Douglas of Broken Arrow, David M. Hullum of Tulsa, Gwendolyn Fields of Oklahoma City and Mark A. Keeter of Tulsa

Republican: Tim Harris of Tulsa, Kevin Hern of Tulsa, Danny Stockstill of Tulsa, Nathan Dahm of Broken Arrow and Andy Coleman of Owasso

U.S Representative Dist. 2

Democrat: Elijah McIntosh of Tahlequah, Jason Nichols of Tahlequah, Clay Padgett of Soper and Virginia Blue Jeans Jenner of Wagoner

Republican: Jarrin Jackson of Owasso, Brian Jackson of Muskogee, Markwayne Mullin of Westville and John McCarthy of Afton

Libertarian: Richard Castaldo of Grove

Independent: John Foreman of Park Hill

U.S Representative Dist. 3

Democrat: Murray Mark Thibodeaux of Tulsa and Frankie Robbins of Medord

Republican: Frank D. Lucas of Cheyenne

U.S Representative Dist. 4

Democrat: Mary Brannon of Washington, Roxann Klutts of Moore, Fred Gipson of Norman and Mallory Varner of Midwest City

Republican: Tom Cole of Moore and James Taylor of Norman

Independent: Ruby Peters of Lawton

U.S Representative Dist. 5

Democrat: Kendra Horn of Oklahoma City, Tom Guild of Edmond, Leona Kelley-Leonard of Seminole, Tyson Todd Meade of Oklahoma City, Ed Porter of Oklahoma City and Elysabeth Britt of Oklahoma City

Republican: Steven Russell of Choctaw, Gregory Dunson of Oklahoma City and DeJuan Edwards of Edmond


Democrat: Connie Johnson of Forest Park and Drew Edmondson of Oklahoma City

Republican: Barry Gowdy of Elk City, Gary Richardson of Tulsa, Christopher Barnett of Tulsa, Mick Cornett of Oklahoma City, Dan Fisher of El Reno, Todd G. Lamb of Oklahoma City, Kevin Stitt of Tulsa, Eric Foutch of McCloud, Gary A. Jones of Cache and Blake Cowboy Stephens of Tahlequah

Libertarian: Joe Exotic of Wynnewood, Chris Powell of Bethany and Rex L. Lawhorn of Broken Arrow

Lt. Governor

Democrat: Anastasia A. Pittman of Oklahoma City and Anna Dearmore of Okmulgee

Republican: Eddie Fields of Wynona, Dominquie DaMon Block of Oklahoma City, Dana Murphy of Edmond and Matt Pinnell of Tulsa

Independent: Ivan Holmes of Oklahoma City

State Auditor and Inspector

Republican: Cindy Bird of Coalgate, Charlie Prater of Edmond and John Uzzo of Tahlequah

Libertarian: John Yeutter of Tahlequah

Attorney General

Democrat: Mark Myles of Oklahoma City

Republican: Mike Hunter of Edmond, Gentner Drummond of Hominy and Angela Bonilla of Glenpool

State Treasurer

Republican: Randy McDaniel of Edmond

Independent: Charles de Coune of Oklahoma City

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Democrat: John Cox of Peggs

Republican: Joy Hofmeister of Tulsa, Linda Murphy of Edmond and Will Farrell of Tulsa

Independent: Larry Huff of Oklahoma City

Commission of Labor

Democrat: Sam A Mis-soum of Tulsa and Fred Dorrell of Broken Arrow

Republican: Keith Swinton of Norman, Cathy Costello of Edmond and Leslie Osborn of Mustang

Independent: Brandt Dismukes of Oklahoma City

Insurance Commissioner

Democrat: Kimberly Fobbs of Tulsa

Republican: Glen Mulready of Tulsa and Donald Chasteen of Inola

Corporation Commissioner

Democrat: Ken Reich of Idabel, Beau Williams of Edmond, Ashley Nicole McCray of Norman and Blake Cummings of Maud

Republican: Brian Bingman of Sapulpa, Bob Anthony of Oklahoma City and Harold D. Spradling of Cherokee

Independent: Jackie Short of Oklahoma City

District Judge – Dist. 1, Office 1

Jon K. Parsley of Guymon

District Judge – Dist. 2, Office 1

Jill Carpenter Weedon of Arapaho

District Judge – Dist. 3, Office 1

Brad David Leverett of Altus and Mike Duffy of Altus

District Judge – Dist. 4, Office 1

Justin P. Eilers of Mooreland

District Judge – Dist. 4, Office 2

Russell Singleton of Drummond and Paul K. Woodward of Enid

District Judge – Dist. 4, Office 3

Dennis Hladik of Enid and Eric Edwards of Enid

District Judge – Dist. 5, Office 1

Jay S. Walker of Lawton and Emmit Tayloe of Medicine Park

District Judge – Dist. 5, Office 2

Ken Graham of Duncan

District Judge – Dist. 5, Office 3

Irma J. Newburn of Lawton

District Judge – Dist. 5, Office 4

Scott D. Meaders of Lawton

District Judge – Dist. 5, Office 5

Gerald F. Neuwirth of Lawton

District Judge – Dist. 6, Office 1

Ryland L. Rivas II of Chickasha, Kory Kirkland of Chickasha and Doug Carel of Tuttle

District Judge – Dist. 7, Office 1

Aletia Haynes Timmons of Oklahoma City

District Judge – Dist. 7, Office 2

Thomas E. Prince of Edmond

District Judge – Dist. 7, Office 3

Howard R. Haralson of Oklahoma City, Mark K. Bailey of Oklahoma City and Amy Palumbo of Oklahoma City

District Judge – Dist. 7, Office 4

Kenneth M. Stoner of Oklahoma City

District Judge – Dist. 7, Office 5

Chris Sloan of Oklahoma City, Natalie Mai of Oklahoma City, Erik Motsinger of Oklahoma City and Hank Young of Edmond

District Judge – Dist. 7, Office 6

Timothy R. Henderson of Edmond

District Judge – Dist. 7, Office 7

Cindy H. Truong of Oklahoma City

District Judge – Dist. 7, Office 8

Heather Coyle of Nichols Hills and Rand C. Eddy of Midwest City

District Judge – Dist. 7, Office 9

Michele D. McElwee of Oklahoma City and Kendra Coleman of Oklahoma City

District Judge – Dist. 7, Office 10

Bill Graves of Oklahoma City and Susan Stallings of Bethany

District Judge – Dist. 7, Office 11

Richard C. Ogden of The Village

District Judge – Dist. 7, Office 12

Lisa Tipping Davis of Edmond

District Judge – Dist. 7, Office 13

Trevor S. Pemberton of Oklahoma City

District Judge – Dist. 7, Office 14

Ray C. Elliot of Edmond

District Judge – Dist. 7, Office 15

Don Andrews of Nichols Hills

District Judge – Dist. 8, Office 1

Lee Turner of Ponca City and Thomas E. Salisbury of Ponca City

District Judge – Dist. 9, Office 1

Phillip Corley of Stillwater

District Judge – Dist. 10, Office 1

John Kane of Pawhuska

District Judge – Dist. 11, Office 1

Linda S. Thomas of Bartlesville, Alan Gentges of Bartlesville and Curtis L. DeLapp of Bartlesville

District Judge – Dist. 12, Office 1

Shawn S. Taylor of Adair and Misty Fields of Pryor

District Judge – Dist. 12, Office 2

Sheila Condren of Owasso

District Judge – Dist. 12, Office 3

Stephen Robert Pazzo Jr. of Claremore

District Judge – Dist. 13, Office 1

Barry Denney of Jay

District Judge – Dist. 14, Office 1

Caroline Wall of Tulsa, Keith O. McArtor of Tulsa and Tom Sawyer of Tulsa

District Judge – Dist. 14, Office 2

Sharon K. Holmes of Tulsa and Blake B. Shipley of Tulsa

District Judge – Dist. 14, Office 3

Jim Caputo of Owasso, Tracy Priddy of Tulsa and James A. Williamson of Tulsa

District Judge – Dist. 14, Office 4

Daman H. Cantrell of Owasso

District Judge – Dist. 14, Office 5

Jefferson D. Sellers of Cleveland

District Judge – Dist. 14, Office 6

Kelly Greenough of Tulsa

District Judge – Dist. 14, Office 7

Bill LaFortune of Tulsa

District Judge – Dist. 14, Office 8

Doug Drummond of Tulsa

District Judge – Dist. 14, Office 9

Linda G. Morrissey of Tulsa and Chris Brecht of Tulsa

District Judge – Dist. 14, Office 10

Dawn Moody of Tulsa

District Judge – Dist. 14, Office 11

Rebecca Nightingale of Tulsa

District Judge – Dist. 14, Office 12

Stephen Clare of Tulsa, Martha Rupp Carter of Tulsa and Rick D. Westcott of Tulsa

District Judge – Dist. 14, Office 13

William J. Musseman of Broken Arrow

District Judge – Dist. 14, Office 14

Kurt Glassco of Tulsa

District Judge – Dist. 15, Office 1

Mike Norman of Muskogee

District Judge – Dist. 15, Office 2

Douglas Kirkley of Coweta

District Judge – Dist. 15, Office 3

Jeff Payton of Stilwell

District Judge – Dist. 15, Office 4

James E. Walters of Fort Gibson and Bret A. Smith of Council Hill

District Judge – Dist. 16, Office 1

Jonathan K. Sullivan of Poteau

District Judge – Dist. 17, Office 1

Michael D. DeBerry of Idabel

District Judge – Dist. 18, Office 1

Michael W. Hogan of McAlester

District Judge – Dist. 19, Office 1

Mark R. Campbell of Durant

District Judge – Dist. 20, Office 1

Dennis Morris of Ardmore

District Judge – Dist. 20, Office 2

Wallace Coppedge of Tishomingo

District Judge – Dist. 21, Office 1

Michael Tupper of Norman

District Judge – Dist. 21, Office 2

Leah Edwards of Lindsay

District Judge – Dist. 21, Office 3

Thad Balkman of Norman

District Judge – Dist. 21, Office 4

Lori Walkley of Norman

District Judge – Dist. 21, Office 5

Jeff Virgin of Norman

District Judge – Dist. 22, Office 1

Timothy L. Olsen of Seminole

District Judge – Dist. 22, Office 2

Steve Kessinger of Ada

District Judge – Dist. 23, Office 1

Cindy Ferrell Ashwood of Chandler

District Judge – Dist. 23, Office 2

John Canavan Jr. of Shawnee

District Judge – Dist. 24, Office 1

Douglas W. Golden of Sapulpa

District Judge – Dist. 24, Office 2

Lawrence W. Parish of Okemah

District Judge – Dist. 24, Office 3

Rod Weimer of Okmulgee and Ken Adair of Henryetta

District Judge – Dist. 24, Office 4

Kelly Hake of Bristow and John M. Dunn of Jennings

District Judge – Dist. 25, Office 1

Paula Gayle Inge of Atoka

District Judge – Dist. 26, Office 1

Paul Hesse of Mustang

District Judge – Dist. 26, Office 2

Jack D. McCurdy II of Yukon, John Paul Jordan of Yukon and Tracy George of Yukon

Associate District Judge – Adair County

Liz Brown of Stilwell

Associate District Judge – Alfalfa County

Loren E. Angle of Burlington

Associate District Judge – Atoka County

Preston Harbuck of Atoka

Associate District Judge – Beaver County

Ryan D. Reddick of Beaver

Associate District Judge – Beckham County

Michelle Kirby-Roper of Elk City

Associate District Judge – Blaine County

Allison Lafferty of Watonga

Associate District Judge – Bryan County

Trace Cole Sherrill of Durant

Associate District Judge – Caddo County

Wyatt Hill of Fort Cobb

Associate District Judge – Canadian County

Bob W. Hughey of El Reno and Rachel L. Bussett of Yukon

Associate District Judge – Carter County

Thomas K. Baldwin of Ardmore

Associate District Judge – Cherokee County

Josh King of Hulbert

Associate District Judge – Choctaw County

Bill Baze of Hugo

Associate District Judge – Cleveland County

Stephen W. Bonner of Norman

Associate District Judge – Coal County

D. Clay Mowdy of Coalgate

Associate District Judge – Comanche County

Lisa Shaw of Lawton

Associate District Judge – Cotton County

Michael C. Flanagan of Walters

Associate District Judge – Craig County

Clint Ward of Vinita and Joseph M. Gardner of Vinita

Associate District Judge – Creek County

Mark Ihrig of Bristow

Associate District Judge – Custer County

Donna L. Dirickson of Weatherford and Ricky A. McPhearson of Weatherford

Associate District Judge – Delaware County

Kathy Lungren Baker of Grove and Dave Crutchfield of Afton

Associate District Judge – Dewey County

Celo J. Harrel of Leedey

Associate District Judge – Ellis County

Laurie E. Hays of Arnett

Associate District Judge – Garfield County

Tom L. Newby of Enid

Associate District Judge – Garvin County

Steve Kendall of Pauls Valley

Associate District Judge – Grady County

Z. Joseph Young of Chickasha

Associate District Judge – Grant County

Jack D. Hammontree of Medford

Associate District Judge – Greer County

Eric Yarborough of Mangum

Associate District Judge – Harmon County

Winford Mike Warren of Hollis

Associate District Judge – Harper County

Aric Alley of Buffalo

Associate District Judge – Haskell County

Brian C. Henderson of Stigler

Associate District Judge – Hughes County

Trisha Smith of Holdenville and Robert L. Trey Irby of Holdenville

Associate District Judge – Jackson County

Clark E. Huey of Altus

Associate District Judge – Jefferson County

Dennis L. Gay of Hastings

Associate District Judge – Johnston County

Laura J. Corbin of Coleman

Associate District Judge – Kay County

David Bandy of Ponca City

Associate District Judge – Kingfisher County

Molly Neuman of Kingfisher, Lance E. Schneiter of Okarche and Frank Austin of Okarche

Associate District Judge – Kiowa County

Ricky A. Marsh of Hobart

Associate District Judge – Latimer County

Bill Welch of Wilburton

Associate District Judge – LeFlore County

Marion D. Fry of Poteau

Associate District Judge – Lincoln County

Sheila G. Kirk of Meeker

Associate District Judge – Logan County

Louis Duel of Guthrie

Associate District Judge – Love County

Todd Hicks of Overbrook

Associate District Judge – McClain County

Charles N. Gray of Purcell

Associate District Judge – McCurtain County

Kenneth Farley of Idabel

Associate District Judge – McIntosh County

Cindy M. Dawson of Eufala and Brendon Bridges of Eufala

Associate District Judge – Major County

Timothy Dean Haworth of Fairview

Associate District Judge – Marshall County

Gregory Johnson of Kingston

Associate District Judge – Mayes County

Rebecca Gore of Pryor

Associate District Judge – Murray County

Aaron S. Duck of Sulphur

Associate District Judge – Muskogee County

Norman D. Thygesen of Muskogee

Associate District Judge – Noble County

Nikki G. Leach of Perry

Associate District Judge – Nowata County

Carl G. Gibson of Nowata

Associate District Judge – Okfuskee County

Maxey Reilly of Okemah

Associate District Judge – Oklahoma County

Richard W. Kirby of Oklahoma City

Associate District Judge – Okmulgee County

Cynthia D. Pickering of Okmulgee

Associate District Judge – Osage County

Stuart L. Tate of Fairfax

Associate District Judge – Ottawa County

Jennifer Ellis McAffrey of Quapaw and Douglas Pewitt of Miami

Associate District Judge – Pawnee County

Patrick Pickerill of Cleveland

Associate District Judge – Payne County

Stephen Kistler of Stillwater

Associate District Judge – Pittsburg County

Tim Mills of McAlester

Associate District Judge – Pontotoc County

Lori Jackson of Ada

Associate District Judge – Pottawatomie County

Kelli McCullar of Shawnee and Tracy L. McDaniel of Shawnee

Associate District Judge – Pushmataha County

Jana Wallace of Antlers

Associate District Judge – Roger Mills County

F. Pat VerSteeg of Cheyenne

Associate District Judge – Rogers County

Kassie McCoy of Claremore and Stanton Harrell of Claremore

Associate District Judge – Seminole County

Brett Butner of Wewoka and Ryan H. Pitts of Wewoka

Associate District Judge – Sequoyah County

Kyle Waters of Sallisaw

Associate District Judge – Stephens County

G. Brent Russell of Duncan

Associate District Judge – Texas County

A. Clark Jett of Guymon

Associate District Judge – Tillman County

Brad Benson of Frederick

Associate District Judge – Tulsa County

Cliff Smith of Bixby, Brian A. Crain of Tulsa and Adam Weintraub of Tulsa

Associate District Judge – Wagoner County

Dennis N. Shook of Coweta

Associate District Judge – Washington County

Russell C. Vaclaw of Bartlesville

Associate District Judge – Washita County

Christopher S. Kelly of Corn

Associate District Judge – Woods County

Mickey J. Hadwiger of Alva

Associate District Judge – Woodward County

Don A. Work of Woodward

District Attorney – Dist. 1

Republican: James M. Boring of Guymon

District Attorney – Dist. 2

Republican: Angela Marsee of Weatherford

District Attorney – Dist. 3

Democrat: Rana Hill of Altus

Republican: David Thomas of Altus and Michael T. Beason of Altus

District Attorney – Dist. 4

Republican: Mike Fields of Enid

District Attorney – Dist. 5

Democrat: Dick Tannery of Lawton

Republican: Fred C. Smith of Lawton

District Attorney – Dist. 6

Republican: Jason Hicks of Marlow

District Attorney – Dist. 7

Democrat: David Prater of Edmond

District Attorney – Dist. 8

Republican: Brian Hermanson of Ponca City

District Attorney – Dist. 9

Democrat: Cory T. Williams of Stillwater

Republican: Laura Austin Thomas of Stillwater and Jill Ochs-Tontz of Guthrie

District Attorney – Dist. 10

Republican: Rex Duncan of Sand Springs and Mike Fisher of Skiatook

Independent: Bob D. Buchanan of Pawnee

District Attorney – Dist. 11

Republican: Kevin D. Buchanan of Bartlesville

District Attorney – Dist. 12

Republican: Matthew J. Ballard of Claremore

District Attorney – Dist. 13

Democrat: Kenny Wright of Grove

District Attorney – Dist. 14

Democrat: Jenny Proehl-Day of Broken Arrow

Republican: Ben Fu of Tulsa, Steve Kunzweiler of Tulsa and Tammy Westcott of Tulsa

District Attorney – Dist. 15

Democrat: Orvil Loge of Muskogee

District Attorney – Dist. 16

Democrat: Jeffrey C. Smith of Poteau

District Attorney – Dist. 17

Democrat: Mark A. Matloff of Idabel

District Attorney – Dist. 18

Democrat: Terry Harrison Jr. of McAlester

Republican: Chuck Sullivan of McAlester

District Attorney – Dist. 19

Democrat: Emily Redman of Durant

District Attorney – Dist. 20

Republican: Craig Ladd of Ardmore

District Attorney – Dist. 21

Republican: Greg Mashburn of Norman

District Attorney – Dist. 22

Democrat: Joshua Edwards of Ada

Republican: Paul B. Smith of Seminole

District Attorney – Dist. 23

Democrat: Adam R. Panter of Shawnee

Republican: Allan Grubb of Shawnee

District Attorney – Dist. 24

Republican: Max Cook of Sapulpa

District Attorney – Dist. 25

Democrat: Rob Barris of Okmulgee

District Attorney – Dist. 26

Republican: Christopher M. Boring of Woodward

District Attorney – Dist. 27

Republican: Jack Thorp of Wagoner

State Senator Dist. 2

Democrat: Jennifer Easu of Claremore

Republican: Marty Quinn of Claremore

State Senator Dist. 4

Democrat: Christopher Ford of Poteau and Eddie Martin of Sallisaw

Republican: Mark Dean Allen of Spiro and Heath Eubanks of Vian

State Senator Dist. 6

Democrat: Arnold Bourne of Durant

Republican: David Bullard of Durant and Erick P. Wyatt of Kingston

State Senator Dist. 8

Democrat: Shannan Tucker of Okemah

Republican: Roger Thompson of Okemah

Independent: Marlena Nobles of Eufaula

State Senator Dist. 10

Republican: Bill Coleman of Ponca City, Gary R. Lanham of Hominy and Amber Roberts of Hominy

State Senator Dist. 12

Democrat: Rick Parris of Mannford

Republican: James Leewright of Bristow

State Senator Dist. 14

Democrat: Justin Arledge of Ardmore

Republican: Frank Simpson of Ardmore and Joe Caudle of Sulphur

State Senator Dist. 16

Democrat: Claudia Griffith of Norman, Mary B. Boren of Norman and Aleisha Karjala of Norman

Republican: Gary D. Caissie of Norman, Ed Crocker of Norman and Becki Maldonado of Noble

State Senator Dist. 18

Democrat: Charles Arnall of Tahlequah

Republican: Kim David of Porter and Eric Tomlinson of Broken Arrow

State Senator Dist. 20

Democrat: Heady Coleman of Guthrie

Republican: Aiya Kelley of Guthrie and Chuck Hall of Perry

State Senator Dist. 22

Democrat: William Andrews of Edmond

Republican: Stephanie Bice of Edmond and Leslie NesSmith of Edmon

State Senator Dist. 24

Democrat: Renee Jerden of Moore

Republican: Darrell Weaver of Moore and Dan Belcher of Oklahoma City

State Senator Dist. 26

Republican: Darcy A. Jech of Kingfisher

State Senator Dist. 28

Republican: Robert McKinney of Tecumseh and Jason N. Smalley of Stroud

Independent: Stephanie R. Sanders of Luther

State Senator Dist. 30

Democrat: Julia Kirt of Oklahoma City and Larry Dean Buss of The Village

Republican: Lori Callahan of Oklahoma City, Tim Haws of Bethany, John Symcox of The Village, Evan Vincent of Oklahoma City, Eric Roberts of Oklahoma City, Jeffrey Cartmell of The Village and Erick W. Harris of The Village

State Senator Dist. 32

Democrat: Deborah Farler of Lawton and Jacobi Crowley of Lawton

Republican: John Michael Montgomery of Lawton

State Senator Dist. 34

Democrat: J.J. Dossett

State Senator Dist. 36

Democrat: Alan R. Leizear of Broken Arrow and Bryan O’Brien of Broken Arrow

Republican: John Haste of Broken Arrow, Dana Prieto of Tulsa, Bill Day of Broken Arrow and David Dambroso of Broken Arrow

State Senator Dist. 38

Democrat: Jeff Berrong of Weatherford

Republican: Brent Howard of Headrick

State Senator Dist. 40

Democrat: Carri Hicks of Oklahoma City and Danielle Ezell of Oklahoma City

Republican: Ervin Stone Yen of Nichols Hills and Joe Howell of Oklahoma City

Independent: Chirstopher Hensley of Oklahoma City

State Senator Dist. 42

Democrat: Linda Wade of Midwest City

Republican: Brenda Stanley of Oklahoma City

Independent: Matt Campbell of Midwest City

State Senator Dist. 44

Democrat: Michael Brooks of Oklahoma City

State Senator Dist. 46

Democrat: Kay Floyd of Oklahoma City

State Senator Dist. 48

Democrat: Christine Byrd of Oklahoma City and George E. Young of Oklahoma City

Republican: Willard Linzy of Oklahoma City

State Representative Dist. 1

Democrat: Johnny Tadlock of Idabel

State Representative Dist. 2

Democrat: Tom Stites of Sallisaw

Republican: Jim Olsen of Roland

State Representative Dist. 3

Democrat: Troy Dyer of Heavener

Republican: Lundy Kiger of Poteau and Eldon Dugan of Howe

State Representative Dist. 4

Democrat: Matt Meredith of Tahlequah

State Representative Dist. 5

Democrat: Ed Trumbull of Grove

Republican: Josh West of Grove, Josh Russell of Grove, Elizabeth Boney of Salina and Tonya Rudick of Eucha

State Representative Dist. 6

Democrat: John Myers of Vinita and Randy McKinney of Bluejacket

Republican: Rusty Cornwell of Vinita

State Representative Dist. 7

Democrat: Ben Loring of Miami

Republican: William Leonard of Miami

State Representative Dist. 8

Democrat: Darrell Moore of Pryor

Republican: Tom Gann of Inola and Carl Parson of Inola

State Representative Dist. 9

Democrat: Clay Layton of Claremore

Republican: Mark Lepak of Claremore

State Representative Dist. 10

Democrat: Kevin Stacy of Delaware

Republican: Travis Dunlap of Bartlesville, Judd Strom of Copan and Michael McFarland of Nowata

State Representative Dist. 11

Republican: Derrel Fincher of Bartlesville and Martin Garber of Bartlesville

State Representative Dist. 12

Democrat: Cyndi Ralston of Broken Arrow

Republican: Nick Mahoney of Broken Arrow and Kevin McDugle of Broken Arrow

State Representative Dist. 13

Democrat: Jolene Armstrong of Muskogee

Republican: Avery Carl Frix of Muskogee

State Representative Dist. 14

Democrat: Joshua M. Casarez of Muskogee and Jack Reavis of Muskogee

Republican: George Faught of Muskogee, Jon Shaw of Fort Gibson and Chris Sneed of Fort Gibson

State Representative Dist. 15

Democrat: Pennie Embry of Eufaula and Judy Ross Moore of Porum

Republican: Randy Randleman of Eufaula and Jeremy Warren of McCurtain

State Representative Dist. 16

Democrat: Chandler Torbett of Morris

Republican: Scott Fetgatter of Okmulgee

Independent: James Delso of Henryetta

State Representative Dist. 17

Democrat: Peggy DeFrange of Krebs and Don Faulkner of Talihina

Republican: Bobby Cox of McAlester, Josh Hass of Wilburton, Paul Marean of Hartshorne, Jim Grego of Wilburton and Marilyn Welton of McAlester

State Representative Dist. 18

Democrat: Donnie Condit of McAlester

Republican: Jessica Cates Janes of Atwood and David Smith of McAlester

State Representative Dist. 19

Democrat: Lewis Collins of Swink and Staci Lohrman of Rattan

Republican: Justin J.J. Humphrey of Lane

State Representative Dist. 20

Democrat: Steve Jarman of Pauls Valley

Republican: Bobby Cleveland of Slaughterville, Anthony Mackey of Noble, Tina Swayze of Purcell, Jimmy Smith of Lexington and Sherrie Conley of Newcastle

State Representative Dist. 21

Republican: Dustin Roberts of Durant

State Representative Dist. 22

Democrat: Wayne Eidson of Sulphur and Louise Newell of Connerville

Republican: Charles McCall of Atoka and Ivan Richeson of Milburn

Independent: Renae Ward of Sulphur

State Representative Dist. 23

Democrat: Craig John Hoxie of Tulsa and Stephen Frazier of Tulsa

Republican: Terry S. O’Donnell of Catoosa

State Representative Dist. 24

Democrat: Steve Kouplen of Beggs

Republican: Logan J. Phillips of Mounds

State Representative Dist. 25

Democrat: Daniel D. Manuel of Ada

Republican: Shawn Howard of Ada, Ronny Johns of Ada and Gary Rhynes of Ada

State Representative Dist. 26

Democrat: Lauren Richter of Shawnee, E. Bruce Bushong of Shawnee and Terry W. Hopkins of Shawnee

Republican: Lucas Craig Cannon of Shawnee, Dell Kerbs of Shawnee and Sterling Springer of Shawnee

State Representative Dist. 27

Republican: Jason Harris of McLoud, Dave Spaulding of Norman, Joseph H. Blanchard of Tecumseh and Danny J. Sterling of Tecumseh

State Representative Dist. 28

Democrat: Steve Barnes of Wewoka and Jason Leonard of Seminle

Republican: Zack Taylor of Seminole

Independent: Kyle Webb of McLound

State Representative Dist. 29

Democrat: Jeremiah A. Ross of Bristow and Jesse Goodwin of Kellyville
Republican: Kyle Hilbert of Depew

State Representative Dist. 30

Republican: Mark Lawson of Sapulpa, Jake Rowland of Bixby, Kent Glesener of Sapulpa and Chuck Threadgill of Tulsa

State Representative Dist. 31

Democrat: Kara Sawyer of Guthrie and Angela Moffitt-Jones of Guthrie

Republican: Barry Niles of Guthrie, Rod Baker of Edmond and Garry Mize of Edmond

State Representative Dist. 32

Democrat: Anthony Perna of Tryon and Christi Wolff of Chandler

Republican: Kevin Wallace of Wellston

State Representative Dist. 33

Democrat: Brandon T. Phillips of Stillwater

Republican: Gregory P. Babinec of Cushing, Jason Shilling of Perkins and John Thomas Talley of Stillwater

State Representative Dist. 34

Democrat: Trish Ranson of Stillwater

Republican: Aaron Means of Stillwater

State Representative Dist. 35

Democrat: Jasha Lyons Echo-Hawk of Pawnee

Republican: Ty Burns of Morrison and James Winn of Mannford

State Representative Dist. 36

Republican: Louise Redcorn of Pawhuska, Jared Lemmons of Pawhuska, J.Paul Ganzel of Hominy, Jordan Lauffer of Skiatook and Sean Roberts of Hominy

State Representative Dist. 37

Republican: Steve Vaughan of Ponca City and Ken Luttrell of Ponca City

State Representative Dist. 38

Republican: John Pfeiffer of Orlando, Casey McAninch of Tonkawa and Brian Hobbs of Newkirk

State Representative Dist. 39

Democrat: Devyn Denton of Edmond

Republican: Ryan Martinez of Edmond and Denecia Taylor-Cassil of Edmond

Independent: Richard Prawdzienski of Edmond

State Representative Dist. 40

Democrat: Norman Grey of Enid

Republican: Chad Caldwell of Enid and Taylor Venus of Enid

State Representative Dist. 41

Democrat: Jennie Scott of Enid, Sara Peterson of Yukon and Tyler Smith of Oklahoma City

Republican: Denise Crosswhite Hader of Yukon, Roxanne Pollard of Waukomis, Laura Griesel of Piedmont, Greg J. Ingle of Lahoma, Charo Guillory of Piedmont and Karl Fahenthold of Oklahoma City

State Representative Dist. 42

Democrat: Liz George of Blanchard and Tara Jo Thompson of Blanchard

Republican: Allie Burgin of Wynnewood and Cynthia Roe of Lindsay

State Representative Dist. 43

Democrat: Chantelle Cory of Yukon and Jacque Pearsall of Yukon

Republican: Crystal Duncan of Yukon, Michael Oglesby of Yukon, Jay W. Steagall of Yukon and Max Martin of Yukon

State Representative Dist. 44

Democrat: Emily Virgin of Norman

State Representative Dist. 45

Democrat: Merleyn Bell of Norman and Ken Kerr of Norman

Republican: Marc Etters of Norman

Independent: Tom Hackelman of Norman

State Representative Dist. 46

Democrat: Jacob Rosecrants of Norman

Republican: Nancy Sangirardi of Norman, Bryan Vinyard of Norman and Jason Eric Pedraza of Norman

State Representative Dist. 47

Democrat: O.A. Cargill of Yukon, Jacob Wilson of Mustang and Sarah Carnes of Yukon

Republican: Ramona Riley of Mustang, Lindsey Strader of Yukon, Brian Hill of Mustang and Beverly Adams of Mustang

State Representative Dist. 48

Democrat: Cheryl Key of Ardmore and Jordan B. Buck of Wilson

Republican: Tammy Townley of Ardmore, Jason D. May of Ardmore and Brent Phelps of Ardmore

State Representative Dist. 49

Democrat: Vicki Gaylor of Kingston and Miranda Shelton of Kingston

Republican: Tommy C. Hardin of Madill

State Representative Dist. 50

Republican: Marcus McEntire of Duncvan

State Representative Dist. 51

Republican: Brad Boles of Marlow

State Representative Dist. 52

Republican: Charles L. Ortega of Aluts

State Representative Dist. 53

Democrat: Leslie Bonebreak of Moore, Cyndy Southerland of Moore and Angel Worth of Moore

Republican: Mark McBride of Moore, Toryn Hambright of Moore and Wesley Provine of Moore

State Representative Dist. 54

Democrat: Katelyn Dockery of Moore

Republican: Kevin West of Moore

State Representative Dist. 55

Democrat: Fernando Zamarripa of Sayre and Dennis Dugger of Hammon

Republican: Todd Russ of Cordell

State Representative Dist. 56

Democrat: David Perryman of Chickasha

Republican: Charles Wells of Anadarko

State Representative Dist. 57

Republican: Harold Wright of Weatherford and Joy D. Smith of Geary

State Representative Dist. 58

Republican: Carl Newton of Cherokee

State Representative Dist. 59

Republican: Mike Sanders of Kingfisher

State Representative Dist. 60

Republican: Jacqueline Stevenson Smith of El Reno and Rhonda Baker of Yukon

State Representative Dist. 61

Democrat: Ashley Lehnert of Turpin

Republican: Brad Raven of Beaver, Colton Buckley of Arnett and Kenton Patzkowsky of Balko

State Representative Dist. 62

Democrat: Larry Bush of Lawton and Nanette Hagen of Lawton

Republican: Daniel Pae of Lawton

State Representative Dist. 63

Democrat: Dwight Cope of Medicine Park and Joan E. Gabelmann of Lawton

Republican: Tammy Reynolds of Lawton, Jeff Coody of Grandfield, Trey Caldwell of Lawton and Leigh Alan Todd of Tipton

State Representative Dist. 64

Democrat: Ashley McCarter of Lawton

Republican: Rande Worthen of Lawton

Independent: David Pilon of Lawton

State Representative Dist. 65

Democrat: Sonia England of Elgin and Brandon R. Thompson of Cyril

Republican: Toni Hasenbeck of Elgin and Scooter Park of Devol

State Representative Dist. 66

Democrat: Rusty Rowe of Tulsa and Angela Graham of Sand Springs

Republican: Brian Jackson of Sand Springs, Emily DeLozier of Sand Springs and Jadine Nollan of Sand Springs

State Representative Dist. 67

Democrat: Carly Hotvedt of Tulsa

Republican: Jeff Boatman of Tulsa and Scott William McEachin of Tulsa

State Representative Dist. 68

Democrat: Michael Ross of Tulsa, Kyle Ellis of Jenks and Angela Statum of Tulsa

Republican: Lonnie Sims of Jenks, Nicole Nixon of Tulsa, Christopher A. Brobst of Glenpool and Karen Renee Wright of Tulsa

Libertarian: J. Lee Miller Jr. of Tulsa

Independent: Heather Chenoweth of Tulsa

State Representative Dist. 69

Democrat: Randall Scott Padek of Jenks, Michael Albert Mitrik of Jenks and Andy Richardson of Tulsa

Republican: Sheila Dills of Tulsa and Chuck Strohm of Jenks

State Representative Dist. 70

Democrat: JJ Burnam of Tulsa

Republican: Carol M. Bush of Tulsa

State Representative Dist. 71

Democrat: Denise Brewer of Tulsa

Republican: Cheryl Baber of Tulsa, Eric McCray of Tulsa, Mark Edward Kosinski of Tulsa, Ben Croff of Tulsa and Beverly A. Atteberry of Tulsa

State Representative Dist. 72

Democrat: A.C. Frost of Owasso and Monroe Nichols of Tulsa

State Representative Dist. 73

Democrat: Regina Goodwin of Tulsa

State Representative Dist. 74

Republican: Mark Vancuren of Owasso and Bradley Peixotto of Owasso

State Representative Dist. 75

Democrat:Karen Gaddis of Tulsa and Seneca Collins of Tulsa

Republican: T.J. Marti of Tulsa

Libertarian: Kelli Krebs of Broken Arrow

State Representative Dist. 76

Democrat: Forrest Mayer of Broken Arrow

Republican: Ross Ford of Broken Arrow, Dean Howe of Broken Arrow and Shelley Brumbaugh of Broken Arrow

State Representative Dist. 77

Democrat: Shay White of Tulsa and John Waldron of Tulsa

Republican: Todd Blackburn of Tulsa

State Representative Dist. 78

Democrat: Meloyde Blancett of Tulsa

Republican: Paul Royse of Tulsa

Libertarian: Gene Bell of Tulsa

State Representative Dist. 79

Democrat: Melissa Provenzano of Tulsa and Brian Pingleton of Tulsa

Republican: Dan Hicks of Tulsa, Karen Gilbert of Tulsa and Matthew Le of Tulsa
Independent: Teresa Marler of Tulsa

State Representative Dist. 80

Democrat: Jennifer Youngberg of Broken Arrow, Helen Beth Davis of Broken Arrow and Janice J. Graham of Broken Arrow

Republican: Mike Ritze of Broken Arrow, Cody

State Representative Dist. 81

Democrat: Jackie Phillips of Edmond

Republican: Mike Osburn of Edmond, Melanie Spoon of Edmond and Bailey Huntsman of Edmond

Libertarian: Jeff Levy of Edmond

State Representative Dist. 82

Democrat: Oraynab Jwayyed of Edmond

Republican: Cobi Ceron of Edmond, Brad Martin of Edmond, Nicole Miller of Edmond, Robert M Jernigan Jr. of Edmond, Brent Nyberg of Edmond, Noel Tucker of Edmond, Brad Schmitt of Edmond, Casey Satterlee of Edmond, Gregory Mead Mills of Edmond Denara Manning of Edmond, Travis Hays of Edmond and Kip Baird of Edmond

State Representative Dist. 83

Democrat: Chelsey Branham of Oklahoma City and Tyler Grey of Oklahoma City

Republican: Jason Rese of Oklahoma City and Paul Cason of Oklahoma City

State Representative Dist. 84

Democrat: Joey Rodman of Oklahoma City and Lauren Morris of Oklahoma City

Republican: Tammy West of Oklahoma City

Libertarian: William Cagle of Bethany

State Representative Dist. 85

Democrat: Cyndi Munson of Oklahoma City

Republican: Matt Jackson of Oklahoma City

Libertarian: Stephen Paulsen of The Village

State Representative Dist. 86

Democrat: Steven Weaver of Westville and Rhonda Cox of Peggs

Republican: Rhonda Hopkins of Rose and David Hardin of Stilwell

State Representative Dist. 87

Democrat: Collin Walke of Oklahoma City

State Representative Dist. 88

Democrat: Jason Dunnington of Oklahoma City

State Representative Dist. 89

Democrat: Shane Stone of Oklahoma City

State Representative Dist. 90

Democrat: LaVelle C. Compton of Oklahoma City

Republican: Jon Echols of Oklahoma City

State Representative Dist. 91

Democrat: Amanda Jeffers of Oklahoma City, Amanda R. Andrews of Oklahoma City and Sonya Fergeson of Oklahoma City

Republican: Bruce Fleming of Oklahoma City and Chris Kannaday of Oklahoma City

State Representative Dist. 92

Democrat: Forrest Bennett of Oklahoma City

State Representative Dist. 93

Democrat: Mickey Dollens of Oklahoma City

State Representative Dist. 94

Democrat: Andy Fugate of Oklahoma City

Republican: Jason Sansone of Del City and Colin T. Russell of Del City

State Representative Dist. 95

Democrat: Anthony Vandyousefi of Midwest City, David Az Williams of Midwest City and Kelly Albright of Midwest City

Republican: Jack Beall Jr. of Midwest City

Libertarian: Paul Brewbaker of Midwest City

Independent: Rashard D. Bickham of Midwest City

State Representative Dist. 96

Democrat: Kathy Wallis of Edmond and Maegan Heath of Choctaw

Republican: Lewis H. Moore of Arcadia and Annette M. Williams of Choctaw

State Representative Dist. 97

Democrat: Jason Lowe of Oklahoma City

State Representative Dist. 98

Democrat: Matt Hobbs of Broken Arrow and Kilmyn Easley-Graf of Broken Arrow

Republican: Dean F. Davis of Broken Arrow, Wesley Pratt of Broken Arrow, Scott Crane of Broken Arrow, Bryan A. Howard of Broken Arrow, Jeremiah Herbert of Broken Arrow and Laura Steele of Broken Arrow

Independent: Sean Parrish of Broken Arrow

State Representative Dist. 99

Democrat: Ajay Pittman of Oklahoma City, Crentha Sequoya Turner of Oklahoma City, Nkem House of Oklahoma City and Steven Davis of Oklahoma City

State Representative Dist. 100

Democrat: Zach Pearson of Oklahoma City and Donald Wentroth of Oklahoma City

Republican: Julie Raoch of Oklahoma City, Marilyn M Stark of Bethany and Paul Abner of Oklahoma City

State Representative Dist. 101

Democrat: John W. McKenna of Choctaw, Lauren Grotts of Midwest City, Madeline Scott of Choctaw and John Carpenter of Choctaw

Republican: Robert Manger of Oklahoma City, Rick Horner of Choctaw, Tess Teague of Choctaw and Mike Dickson of Newalla

For more information, contact your county election board or visit https://www.ok.gov/elections/.


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