TERO-certified Fourkiller Lawn Solutions keeps growing

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05/16/2018 08:15 AM
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Cherokee Nation citizen Tyler Fourkiller, owner of Fourkiller Lawn Solutions, is a certified vendor for the CN’s Tribal Employment Rights Office. Fourkiller has provided lawn and landscape services for CN entities and for customers throughout eastern Oklahoma and northwest Arkansas. KENLEA HENSON/CHEROKEE PHOENIX
Main Cherokee Phoenix
Fourkiller Lawn Solutions employees install sod at a residential home. Cherokee Nation citizen Tyler Fourkiller owns and operates the lawn and landscaping business. COURTESY
Main Cherokee Phoenix
Fourkiller Lawn Solutions employees work on a landscaping project at a residential home. Cherokee Nation citizen Tyler Fourkiller started mowing lawns as a teenager looking for a way to make some cash to buy new hunting gear. COURTESY
STILWELL – It started as a summer job in high school to make extra money. Today 24-year-old Tyler Fourkiller has a growing lawn and landscaping business called Fourkiller Lawn Solutions that manages more than 140 residential and commercial accounts in eastern Oklahoma and northwest Arkansas.

The Cherokee Nation citizen started mowing lawns as a teenager, looking for a way to make cash to buy hunting gear. He started out with a used zero-turn mower his father bought him and a push mower he borrowed from his grandfather. He hauled the mowers around on a small trailer and began mowing five residential lawns. By the next summer, he had a couple more lawns to mow, and by the third summer he gained a few more lawns and was able to save up enough money to buy his own mower.

After high school, Fourkiller went to college to play baseball, and his summer lawn work slowed down. It wasn’t until after he graduated from college that things started to “snowball” for him.

With a degree in environmental and safety management, Fourkiller wanted to go into the oil and gas field, but the industry wasn’t doing great at the time, so he decided to start a full-time lawn business.

“I was like I’m just going to run with it and see what happens,” he said.

Since making that leap three years ago, Fourkiller has doubled his clientele and his profits every year. He said while his business has a lot residential accounts he is gaining more commercial accounts, including the city of Stilwell and Historic Cain Hill in Arkansas.

He also said his business has provided services to CN’s Three Rivers Health Clinic in Muskogee and a couple of the Cherokee casinos thanks to being a certified vendor with CN Tribal Employment Rights Office.

“It’s really helped our business with the Cherokee Nation. Last year we picked up a couple of accounts with them, and now we have a few more this year,” he said.

With the success Fourkiller has seen, he’s been able to go from a one-mower lawn care service to a full-service landscaping business with five mowers, three trucks, a skid loader and two full-time mowing crews. He said 75 percent of his employees are CN citizens.

“It’s cool to represent my Nation in a positive way and keep other Cherokees employed. That’s definitely something we can look at and smile about,” he said.

As a full-service landscaping business, Fourkiller Lawn Solutions provide services such as commercial and residential mowing, landscaping, spraying, leaf, snow and brush removal, skid loader services and sod installation.

Fourkiller said he hopes his business grows every year and be “a little bigger and better than the year before.”

“Any money I make I invest back into my company as far as getting new accounts, investing in getting new equipment and more equipment. I think that would be a goal for me just to branch out more and have more employees, more mowers and more trucks,” he said.

For more information, call 918-905-0362 or email fourkillerlawnsolutions@yahoo.com or visit Fourkiller Lawn Solutions on Facebook.


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