Hanes pursues nursing degree at Texas Christian University

02/14/2019 08:30 AM
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Cadie Hanes
DALLAS – Cherokee Nation citizen Cadie Hanes is a student in the Nursing Practice Program at Texas Christian University who is going for her doctorate.

Hanes graduated from Lake Dallas High School in 2013 and received the Gates Millennium Scholarship to help pay for her undergraduate degree in nursing at Baylor University.

“I graduated from nursing and decided to go the nurse practitioner route or the DNP,” Hanes said. “I am doing this through TCU and in three years should graduate with a doctorate in nurse practice.”

Hanes works in the emergency department at the UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas as part of her nursing studies. Her job allows her to see patients immediately to quickly diagnose them. Hanes said she uses her critical thinking skills to see what will help patients who are dealing with a sickness or injuries.

Once Hanes earns her doctorate in nurse practice, she said she should be given many opportunities in the medical field. She said she could work in general medical and surgical hospitals, public health offices, research facilities, independent practice or a physician’s office.

Working in a hospital with a doctorate in nursing means playing a bigger role in influencing patient treatment plans, she said. She added that many doctorate-level nurses become experts in public health, which is a great place to put their expertise to work. She said she would be able to influence policymakers and health officials and help craft smart, research-based solutions to health issues.

Starting her own practice is no easy task, but as a soon-to-be advanced practice nurse holding a doctorate degree, it’s entirely possible, she said. She also said if she decides not to start her own business and works in a smaller office, a doctorate in nursing makes her eligible for a higher-paying management role in a physician’s office.

Hanes said she plans on working at a family practitioner clinic after she graduates from TCU because she wants to create a long-term bond with her patients, while gaining work experience.
She said she hopes to stay in Dallas to begin her career but would like to hone her skills before she decides to move somewhere else.

Hanes said she is proud and honored to be a CN citizen. “Being Cherokee to me means that I will honor my resilient ancestors by continuing to exist and be proud of who I am. This is why I will make sure to carry on the spirit of my ancestors in everything I do.”


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