Spring break students choose to help in Cherokee Nation

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03/20/2019 09:00 AM
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TAHLEQUAH – While some students spent their spring break relaxing at home or tanning on a sunny beach, students from Ohio State and Texas Tech universities, as well as teens from the United Methodist Youth Group in McKinney, Texas, spent their week off painting churches, dry walling community buildings and assisting Cherokee families while learning firsthand about tribal lifestyles and culture.

“These kids gave up their spring break to help out Cherokee Nation citizens in their communities,” Josh Allen, CN Community and Cultural Outreach coordinator, said. “They cleaned up elders’ yards and helped out wherever they could. In the Sparrow Hawk community they even built a handicap ramp on a woman’s home who has two disabled children. They were a big help.”

UMC youth group member Jessica Halderman, a repeat volunteer, said 2019 was her fourth mission trip to the CN.

“We’ve painted a sanctuary, built hand rails and helped out elders,” Halderman said. “I love coming because I like helping people, and I’ve met so many wonderful Cherokees. It’s a great opportunity to help while learning about another culture.”

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Roger began working for the Cherokee Nation in 2005 and joined the Cherokee Phoenix staff in 2008. After 25 years in broadcast news and production, Roge ...


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