Hoskin-Warner ticket tops in campaign income

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03/21/2019 08:45 AM
TAHLEQUAH – According to campaign financial disclosures of the three principal chief and two deputy chief candidates, the ticket of Chuck Hoskin Jr. and Bryan Warner has brought in the most campaign income from contributions, combining for more than $981,000.

The disclosures give figures through Feb. 28 for principal chief candidates Dick Lay and David Walkingstick, as well as deputy chief candidate Meredith Frailey. For principal chief candidate Hoskin and deputy chief candidate Warner, the figures show financials up to March 14.

Hoskin reported contributions of $675,415.44 since Dec. 1. He also lists total campaign expenditures of $224,428.43 and in-kind contributions of $24,442.16.

According to Hoskin’s report, 90 donors gave the maximum donation of $5,000, and another 105 contributed at least $1,000. Hoskin listed campaign expenses of $5,949.75 for advertisements, $7,688 for printing, $10,064.90 for office expenses, $1,709.36 for food and $199,016.42 was categorized as miscellaneous.

Lay reported $850 in contributions, another $400 in miscellaneous income, and $300 of in-kind contributions. He also reported loans of $9,256.55 for a total campaign revenue of $10,506.55. He reported outlays of $6,250 in staff compensation, $1,703.81 in office expenses, $1,777.74 for printing and $775 on advertising.

Walkingstick reported $16,205 in contributions and $13,024.93 in loans for total revenue of $29,229.93. His report listed $13,186.33 in campaign expenses, and $18,543.60 worth of in-kind expenses.

Through Feb. 28, Walkingstick reported two donations of $5,000 and another three of at least $1,000. Reported expenses were $1,011.99 for ads, $2,867.45 for printing, $2,000 for compensation, $1,061.32 for office expenses, $3,595.57 for food and $150 categorized as miscellaneous.

Frailey reported $500 in contributions and $1,500 in loans for $2,000 of campaign revenue. The campaign had not yet claimed any expenses.

Warner reported $306,276 in contributions and $135,355.86 in expenses. The expenditures include $373.75 for advertisements, $5,807.11 for office expenses, $1,675 for food, and $127,500 declared miscellaneous. Reported in-kind contributions total $19,604.31.

Warner reported 42 donors making the maximum contribution of $5,000 and another 40 making donations of at least $1,000.

According to tribal law, candidates must submit monthly campaign finance reports to the Election Commission. Cherokee Nation citizens can visit the EC during business hours to inspect candidates’ campaign finances or obtain copies. The next campaign finance reports are due April 15.

Click here to view Chuck Hoskin Jr's campaign financial report.

Click here to view Dick Lay's campaign financial report.

Click here to view David Walkingstick's campaign financial report.

Click here to view Bryan Warner's campaign financial report.

Click here to view Meredith Frailey's campaign financial report.
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