TAHLEQUAH – Despite facing three challengers in the June 5 general election, Tribal Council Dist.  11 incumbent Victoria Vazquez was able to retain her seat and will not face a runoff.

Vazquez unofficially won 62.9% of the vote, receiving 475 of 754 ballots. Mike Purcell received 229 votes, Randy Junior White 49 and Mason Hudson 1.

A call to Vazquez, after results of the election were announced, went to voicemail.

Vote totals by precinct and absentee were: 

South Coffeyville Precinct – Vazquez 77, Purcell 8, White 2, Hudson 0.

Vinita Precinct – Vazquez 252, Purcell 75, White 46, Hudson 1.

Welch Precinct – Vazquez 19, Purcell 7, White 1, Hudson 0.

Absentee – Mike Purcell 139, Vazquez 127, Hudson 0, White 0.

All results are unofficial until certified by the Election Commission. Challenged ballots are not included in absentee or At-Large election totals.

In all the June 5 races, recount requests must be received by June 9, and any recount must be completed by June 11. The deadline for appeals is June 14. Requests for absentee ballots in runoff races must be received by June 21. Absentee ballots will be mailed June 28-29. Walk-in or early absentee voting will be offered at the CNEC office on July 17 and July 20-22. Runoff elections are July 24.