Oklahoma 2nd in U.S. for test positivity; 8,651 new cases reported last week

Children wear masks on July 27 as they walk in a group in the Tulsa Arts District. About one-quarter of Oklahoma’s 12-17 population has received at least one vaccination dose against COVID-19. 

TULSA – Only a couple of months after moving out of the top 10, Oklahoma is back to nearly leading the country in COVID-19 rates.

In the most recent federal data available, the state on Monday bumped up to the federal government’s light-red zone for new cases per capita and dark-red zone for test positivity rate.

Oklahoma ties Florida for the second-highest test positivity rate in the nation — 16.4% — and ranks sixth for new cases per capita, trailing behind only Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Florida and Alabama.

According to Oklahoma State Department of Health data released Wednesday, the state’s seven-day average of daily new COVID-19 cases rocketed to more than 1,200 last week, rolling the state back in time to mid-February rates.

In the past week, 8,651 new cases of COVID were confirmed across the state. That’s about 3,400 more than the number recorded for the week before, July 11-17.

As of Wednesday, 9,762 documented cases were active in the state. In early June, there were about 1,000.

The figures are only the latest development in a delta variant-fueled climb in cases that health officials had warned would come for the unvaccinated. The variant most known for devastating India’s hospital system is believed to be 50% to 60% more transmissible than the original novel coronavirus and to carry twice the risk of hospitalization.