Oklahoma drops to bottom half of U.S. for vaccination rates as health care leaders dissect reasons why

Health care leaders in the state say that Oklahoma’s slowing COVID-19 vaccination rate can be explained by hesitancy among some people to get the vaccine while others lack access. 

TULSA – Once an early leader in COVID-19 vaccination rate, Oklahoma has fallen toward the back of the pack, according to federal government data.

Health care leaders in the state point to not just vaccine hesitancy, but complacency, a want to receive the immunization from a trusted physician, or hurdles to access.

Oklahoma ranks No. 35 for the percentage of people fully vaccinated at 28.8%. Maine is first at 37.4%, while Alabama is worst at 22.0%.

The state is No. 38 with 38.1% of its population having received at least one dose. New Hampshire is tops at 59.7%, and Mississippi last at 30.6%.