Three more vaccines are on the way that can expand access and alleviate storage difficulties, according to a presentation during Healthier Oklahoma Coalition’s virtual news conference.

Dr. Ashley Weedn, a pediatrician with OU Health, recently offered a synopsis of three vaccines working their way toward Emergency Use Authorizations that will add to the two already in circulation after being granted that approval by the FDA.

Weedn noted that the current Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are “very effective,” but there is limited availability and, in the case of Pfizer, logistical challenges presented by ultra-cold storage needs. Of the three vaccines next in line for approval evaluation, she said Johnson & Johnson is closest.

Johnson & Johnson submitted its single-dose vaccine on Feb. 4 for EUA consideration. Weedn said the FDA is expected to meet Feb. 26 to review clinical trial data for efficacy.

Weedn said Johnson & Johnson has reported its vaccine is 72% effective with a single shot and can remain stable for two years at -4 degrees Fahrenheit and at least three months at standard refrigerator temperatures of 35 to 46 degrees Fahrenheit.

“So it makes it easier to transport and use in rural areas, as well as our smaller clinics. It’s really important for that,” Weedn said. “If approved in the U.S., we could receive 100 million doses of the vaccine in the first half of 2021, with the initial distribution beginning in March.”