The Cherokee Phoenix Editorial Board will meet at 9 a.m. CST, Sept. 28, 2021, via Zoom. It is an open meeting and the public is welcome to attend by using the information to join the meeting.


1. Welcome 

2. Roll Call 

A. [] Lauren Cusick, Chair

B. [] Ceciley Thomason-Murphy, Vice Chair 

D. [] Kristy Sturgill, Secretary

C. [] Brenda Thompson 

E. [] Tim Landes

F. [] Tyler Thomas, Editor 

G.[ ]Members of the public who wish to be named:  

3. Approval of Minutes: 

4. Update from Editor: 

5. Old business 

  1. Elder Subscriptions 
  2. Update on Podcast 

6. New business: 

  1. Appointment Renewal to Cherokee Phoenix Editorial Board

7. Set next meeting: 

8. Public comment: 

9. Adjournment: