Parker uses imagination to write two children’s books

Cherokee Nation citizen Grace Parker of Rancho Cucamonga, California, has written and published two children’s book called “A Failed Summer” and “The Imagination Tree” at only eight years old. She currently has a third book in the works. 

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. – At 8 years old, Cherokee Nation citizen Grace Parker is a published author of two children’s books.

After seeing her grandmother, Dianna George Batts, publish several poetry books, Parker wanted to try too.

“She asked a question of how hard was it to write a book, and I told her you just sit down and write what comes to mind and go from there,” Batts said.

Batts added that Parker has always loved to read and has quite an imagination for story ideas.

Parker’s first book, titled “A Failed Summer,” is about a family’s vacation gone wrong.

“It’s about my family going to Hawaii, but a lot of things went wrong,” Parker said. “When we went on the plane, the pilot wasn’t there so my dad had to fly the plane and accidentally flew it to Mexico. So my mom had to work at a clothing store to get enough money to rent a boat, and we took the boat all the way from Mexico to Hawaii and it took three hours.”

A student at Deer Canyon Elementary, the school celebrated when she released her first book. A recent third grader, Parker is in the gifted and talented education program at her school.

Due to her love of books, Batts said Parker was tested and is reading at a fourth grade level.

Her second book, “The Imagination Tree,” followed and is about a grandmother telling her granddaughter about an imagination tree.

“It’s about using your imagination. A grandma takes care of her granddaughter and every night she tells her stories about an imagination tree, but the grandma says the imagination tree wasn’t real. But the granddaughter knew in her heart that it was real,” Parker said.

Batts said she is proud of Parker and her ability to use her imagination to come up with stories on her own.

“It makes me so proud some of the things she comes up with,” she said.

Parker also illustrated both books herself using hand drawn pictures.

“It’s all hers,” Batts said. “I just typed. She typed a lot of it. But when it got time to publish it, I had to put in a template and submit it to my publisher. But it’s all her.”

Parker has a third book being previewed with her grandmother’s publisher called, “Oh No, Stuck in School.”

“It makes me proud to see my name on a book. Especially a book that I wrote,” states the back cover of Parker’s books.

Her books can be found on and are $15 each.