TAHLEQUAH – SkasdiCon is gearing up for year two of the Indigenous themed, pop culture event by not only opening space for more vendors but by also offering an open call for proposals for panels and workshops as well.

“Last year, we had around 30 vendors. We are expanding that vendor space to hopefully around 50 plus,” Callie Chunestudy, Cherokee Nation Businesses Cultural Programs and Events project manager said. “I think all of our panels last year were pretty popular, but we want to keep serving the people that attend. So, we really want to make the attendees a part of planning the experience.”

The plan for SkasdiCon’s second year is to continue to have vendors who create “their own Indigenous kind of pop culture world.” Chunestudy added that all vendors must be a citizen of a federally recognized tribe.

“I would say whether that be comic books, whether that be visual art, whether that be games, whatever it is,” Chunestudy said. “That could be anything from mixing kind of pop art, like say, Star Wars with Indigenous things or … Cherokee Lord of the Rings, you know, things like that to creating original content.”

Aside from adding more vendors, Chunestudy said there will also be the addition of a youth division for the cosplay competition so they won’t be competing with adults. Chunestudy added there are also plans to bring in Native celebrities.

“We don't have anyone settled just yet. So, I can't reveal who those people are, but I think people will be excited,” Chunestudy said.

SkasdiCon, which is on Nov. 4, is still set to be at Northeastern State University, but the exact location is still being hammered out. Chunestudy added that the event will run from 12-7 p.m. this year.

“We're really excited about all the new vendors, with the expansion of the vendors, and just really ... having a second year of a really, really great time,” Chunestudy said.

Registration to apply to be a vendor or to submit a panel or workshop suggestion is open until June 30. To do so, visit skasdicon.com.

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