OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — The appeal of a death row inmate convicted of killing his girlfriend and her two young daughters was rejected Thursday by the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals. 

Shaun Bosse, 38, argued that the state did not have jurisdiction in his case under a U.S. Supreme Court ruling in what’s known as the McGirt decisionbecause the victims were Native American and the crimes occurred on tribal lands. 

The appeals court ruled that the McGirt ruling does not apply retroactively and that Bosse’s conviction and sentence were final in 2018.

The court in March overturned Bosse's conviction, but in August reversed that and similar rulings weeks after it found that the McGirt ruling does not apply if the inmate's case is final. The court said at the time that it would reconsider the appeals.

Bosse, who is not Native American, was convicted of killing Katrina Griffin and her two young children, who were members of the Chickasaw Nation, on land within the Chickasaw Nation’s historic reservation.

Bosse has been charged with the killings in federal court, but he could not be sentenced to death under the federal charges.