The previous year was memorable for the Cherokee Phoenix. In 2022, the newspaper and its staff received multiple awards and recognition from a variety of organizations. The accolades included being named a finalist for newspaper of the year in the Great Plains Journalism Awards as well as receiving first place in general excellence at the National Native Media Awards and first place for best newspaper at the Society of Professional Journalists Oklahoma Professional Chapter awards banquet. It was truly special for our staff to be recognized and have the quality of our work affirmed by these respected journalist organizations, however, we will not rest on these laurels.

In 2023, the Cherokee Phoenix pledges to continue the work that earned the accolades from three separate journalist associations. We understand our duty and mission, and we recognize and embrace the legacy of this historic newspaper. When the paper was founded in 1828, the mission was two-fold. First, the newspaper was meant to keep the citizens of the tribe informed on the latest news within the Cherokee Nation and United States of America. Secondly, the newspaper was to promote the culture, people, history and heritage of the tribe to Cherokee and non-Cherokee alike. 

The upcoming year will be momentous, and we remain resolved to empowering and enriching the lives of the Cherokee people through our storytelling, reporting, photography and videography. Just as those before us, we will continue to keep you informed on the latest happenings within your government as well as the services available to you as Cherokee Nation citizens. We will also continue to do articles that tell the story of our history, culture, language and heritage as well as spotlight the successes of our Cherokee people. And, as we approach campaign and election season, we promise to provide fair and unbiased coverage on the principal chief, deputy chief and council races so that citizens will have the information needed to cast a ballot for the candidate of their choice. 

So, just as many of you have made a New Year’s resolution, the Cherokee Phoenix’s resolution is simple. First, we will uphold the legacy of our newspaper and of those who laid the foundation. Second, we will continue the mission to provide a product that serves the Cherokee people by keeping them informed. And third, we will do all of this at an award-winning caliber. We are so grateful for our opportunity to be a part of the legacy of the first Native American newspaper in history. We also understand that this historic newspaper does not continue to thrive without you. It is your support that gives our mission life and our work a purpose. Without a citizenship reading our work, we would not have a need or ability to continue the legacy of this great paper. We hope you find our work in 2023 to not only meet the standard established for our newspaper, but to exceed it.