Twin sisters become 8U softball national champions

Seven-year-old Dawsyn Fletcher, left, and her twin, Brynn, helped their 8U softball team win a national title at Alabama Gulf Shores. The two Cherokee Nation citizens play multiple positions on the team. 

Twin sisters become 8U softball national champions

STILWELL — Seven-year-old twin sisters Brynn and Dawsyn Fletcher started playing softball when they were 2 years old and fell in love with the game. 

Their dad, Joe Fletcher, said, “from an early age, we saw that they had a super competitive spirit and drive. So we got them with this team called Texas Glory based out of Muskogee.”

As the girls have gotten older their love for the game has not dwindled, and they enjoy the time they spend playing ball. They are versatile and play several positions. Dawsyn plays third base and shortstop while Brynn plays first base, outfield and catcher. 

“Being younger it turns into a fight more than it helps sometimes,” Joe said. “Hopefully as they get older and being twins, and they’re both right there on the same level, they’ll end up building off of each other every day.”

Since joining the Texas Glory team, the girls have played at a higher level, winning several major tournaments including traveling to Gulf Shores, Alabama to play for a national title. There were 23 teams total that competed at the national tournament.  

“We’re actually a 7U team, all 2013 kids, and we were playing for an 8U national title and we won the thing. So, it was pretty impressive to be a year younger than everybody there and go through the entire tournament undefeated,” Joe said. 

Winning the national title and becoming 8U Softball National Champions was something that was special to the girls. Not only did they win the title, but Dawsyn was also awarded the Defensive MVP. 

“I know a lot of people send their kids off for training where they’re not totally involved, where I feel totally involved with my kids,” Joe said. “I’m watching them progress daily. When you see that growth happen it’s hard to explain, it jacks me up. I’m know as a super fan anyway, so I’m climbing the fence you know, going crazy for them because I’m their biggest fan and supporter for sure. I believe in my girls to the end.”